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Updated: September 6, 2023
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What Beats What In Poker?

To win the Poker game, it’s important to know about what beats what as it’s an essential early step in learning about the game.

Whether you are playing it in a live casino or the card room, or have apps like Pocket 52 or you prefer websites. You are required to learn the order of poker hands as it helps in different stages.

From making strategies to planning your win, these will help, and understanding how you can learn them can make the whole process much easier.

To help yourself, here is the list of what beats what in poker which you can use to understand as well as learn.

What To Know Before You Know What Beats What In Poker?

When you are starting, there are hundreds of questions that you might have such as Does the ace beat the king in poker? Or Who wins when both have 2 pairs? Etc

It’s common to have such questions and to answer them, it’s important to know what beats what in poker.

But the trouble here is, that it’s difficult to convert the hand rankings into words. Also, you don’t learn much by memorizing the orders. So you should use the opportunity to learn and improve your understanding of poker.

For that, practice is needed. Since platforms like Pocket52 offer the solution where you can play your game of poker online along with many other interesting options.

Along with that, to help your understanding of the proper order of poker hands, here are some basic concepts that can improve the overall game.

Low-Value Poker Hands

Well to remember the order of the lowest value hands, you are required to remember the series of numbers i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3.

  • Here 0 means the high card. It had nothing in the hand which means the value of the hand depends on the highest card. In poker, the high rank is conserved aces whereas 2 ranks low. 
  • 1 refers to one pair, any hand that has a pair of single cards has nothing else as its value is 1. 
  • 2 refer to two pairs. This one has pair of two cards
  • 3 refers to three of a kind, it’s one of the most valuable hands you get in low-value poker hands.

High-Value Poker Hands

There is a difference when it comes to philosophy and language issues such as some poker strategies consider straight to be lower value hands.

But you can call a hand that is higher than three of a kind a high-value hand.

To keep that easy and simple to understand, you can consider straight as / . so it goes like 0, 1, 2, 3, /

It’s much easier to understand if you count the number of letters in the name on your hands. It’s easier by the fact there is an increase in letters as you go up on the scale.

For an easy breakdown, you can consider this as :

  • 5 as the word flush has five letters.
  • 9 is a world full house that has nine letters.
  • 11 is the word of four kinds including eleven letters.
  • 13 as the word straight flush containing thirteen letters.
  • 18 is a royal straight flush that has eighteen letters.

Along with that, there are different ways that can help you in learning the hand hierarchy in poker. This includes :

Rote Memorization

Some people have learned by repeating the drilling of material in order to memorize it. In a lot of professions, it is used, including actors who repeat reading their script over and over, playing the tapes in their sleep, and learning the lines using the rote.

Hand Evaluation Diagrams

There are various poker trainer programs as well as gurus put together diagrams for helping the players in analyzing their hands.

You can use hand evaluation diagrams in poker rooms and see them online. These diagrams are also available for free, just do a simple search on google.

Frequent Exposure

The more rounds of the game you play, the more familiar you will become with the rules. It includes learning the hand ranking. Also, you might lose sometimes since you have a lack of familiarity with these but eventually, you will learn.

With frequent exposure, you can learn how ranking works, and learning can help in answering questions like Does J beat K in cards? Or what does a J card mean? etc.

What Beats What When You Play Poker?

To understand what beats what when you are playing poker, here is what you need to know.

  • The high card will beat the one pair
  • Two pairs beat the one pair
  • A royal flush beats the straight flush 
  • A four-of-a-kind beats the full house
  • A straight beats the three of a kind
  • A flush beats the straighter
  • A full beat the flush
  • A three-of-a-kind can beat two pair

Well, it ranks at the top on the list of poker hand ranking. In a game, the highest hand can never get beaten. It’s made when you have the Ace high straight holding the same suit of cards. With Ace high straight flush, hands that consist of different cards including A, K, Q, J, and 10.

This one is the rarest and highest hand when it comes to poker. The type of hands that are used to play the poker game depends on the game that you are playing. Along with that, there are different variables that affect such as table action, stack, position, etc.

Some of the beats you should know are Does a joker beat an ace? The spade suit has 15 cards, the Big Joker can outrank the Little Joker which can outrank the ace of spades.

Royal Flush

Well in playing poker, players get straight flush which means five consecutive cards with the same suit. The better and the highest ranking, the more powerful flush is going to be.

However, the very best type of flush you can get is where you have an ace, king, queen, jack with ten, and all in the same suit.

This combination is not just unbeatable, but rare as well.

There are high chances that people don’t get a royal flush most of the time even when they play the game of poker thousands of times and over the years.

What Royal Flush Beats ?

So, Does 5 of a kind beat a royal flush? Well, five of a kind became the highest type of hand and beat in a royal flush.

With that Does 4 aces beat a royal flush? , the only way to beat this or to hold either royal flush or straight flush.

Royal Flush is the highest poker hand and due to this, it beats every other hand that the player next to you has.

Straight Flush

Another one to understand is Straight flush, and to answer if it’s Can a straight beat a full house? Here is what you might need to know.

Straight flush includes five numerically ordered cards, but they all are in suits. In the situation of a tie, the topmost rank at the top has to be in sequence wins.

The best straight flush is also known as the royal flush which includes an ace, king, queen, jack, and other ten suits.

This hand is considered an unsurpassable hand. The player gets straight if all five cards in the poker hand are consecutive.

Here if you have cards, all are in the same suit. It makes a straight flush. Compared to a straight one, a Straight flush is much stronger.

What Straight Flush Beats?

This one beats all other hands in poker the higher straight flush.

Four Of A Kind

Four of a kind is four cards with the same ranks and one side or kicker. Well, the fifth side card which is highest and known as Kicker wins the community card games when the player has the four of a kind similar cards.

What Four Of Kind Beat?

This is often a winning poker hand. Four hands can beat anything if it’s not a straight or royal flush. So Does a full house beat 4 Aces? Any other player with four of a kind means the winner will be based on the rank of four cards.

Four aces will not be beaten by any four of any kind.

Full House

A full house is three cards along with two other cards with similar ranks. In the situation of a tie, three top matching cards will win the pot. Two matching cards ‘ higher value winz community card games where you have cards with three same matchings.

What Full House Beats?

In case of Does full house beat 3 of a kind? , a full house can beat a combination of three of a kind and one pair.

As for whether a full house beats straight, yes a full house can beat poker straight. In the case of two players having a full house card, here the highest three will win.


Flush is five cards into one suit. In case of a tie, here the player holding the card with the highest ranking will win.

To break the tie, the player should have second, third, fourth, and fifth highest in case necessary.

In case all cards are ranked equally, it can break the pot. The suit can use itself for breaking ties in the game of poker.

What Flush Beat?

There are only a few hands that can beat when it comes to flush, one includes a full house. Also, it’s called a boat. So in the case of Does a full boat beat a flush? yes.

But flush neat can’t beat a full house. but it can if it’s straight. In the case of two flushes, the highest card will win.


In case of having straight, here you hold five consecutive cards which are not all with the same suit.

For example, here the 8 – 7- 6- 5- 4 are in different suits, the possibly highest straight sequence here is A – K – Q- J – 10.

What Straight Beat?

A poker straight can beat three of a kind, two pairs along with a single pair. It might not beat the flush or anything else.

Three Of A Kind

Similar to the four card counterparts, this one includes three of the same rank. For example, you have five card hands that contain cards like 8-8-8-5-2.

What Three of Kind Beat?

While this card is not the highest hand in poker, it can beat two pairs, one pair, and also a high card.

Two Pairs

It’s exactly what it says, it includes two pairs with different ranks. For example, if you have a card 8-8-5-5-3, here it would be two pairs.

What Two Pair Beats?

As compared to the one, two pairs are still better and so you can still beat the one pair. Also in a situation of two pairs against an ace, Does a pair of aces beat 2 pairs? Well, any pair can beat a high card including a pair of twos that can beat the ace.

One Pair

One pair is two cards that have the same value, such as you have two kinds in hand.

What One Pair Beat?

One pair can beat a high card or a pair of lower value only. If you bluff hard, it can be a winning poker hand.

High Card

High cards are the lowest hand that you can possibly get in poker. This one is made of five cards that don’t produce anything else.

What High Card Beats?

If you have a high card, here you hope that your opponent has this one, as well as even a pair, can beat it. So if your opponent has a lack of pairs, the highest value can help in winning.


Poker hand ranking is important when you are playing poker, especially Texas hold ’em, stud, Omaha, five cards, etc.

With that, you also need to know what beats what so you have answers: Does a spade flush beat a diamond flush? Or Does a pair of aces beat 2 pairs? Like questions too.

There are rare chances that players get to form a straight flush, four-of-a-kind, royal flush as they are scarce hands when it comes to competitions.

However, a lowly poker hand if you played it in the right way can help in taking down the monster post. So it’s not about what you are holding always, it’s about how you are playing the players.


What to do when two opponents have the same hand at a showdown?

In case of having two hands, the player is required to follow the tie-breaker rules as it will help in determining who is the winner.

Which hand has the highest chances of winning in poker?

When it comes to poker, the winningest hand is the royal flush. This one sits on top of poker hand ranking and is considered the best possible hand.

Can a full house beat a straight?

A straight is another strong hand in poker but considering the standard poker hand ranking, a full house can beat the straight.

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