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Updated: July 23, 2023
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Top 12 Poker Patterns to Make You a Better Player

Since online poker has taken a front seat, many poker players are entering the poker world with a quick get-to-rich mindset. But as we have mentioned earlier, and we are telling you again, it’s a game of logic and skills. Luck is the last thing you can rely on.

Learning rules is the first thing. But once you master that, to be an advanced player, you must be one step ahead of your fellow players while keeping a close eye on them. But you can not remember all the rules, strategies, and poker tables.

 You need to understand three types of poker patterns- 

  • Poker pattern to be a good player
  • Poker pattern to avoid losing 
  • Betting pattern 

Let’s get started

Poker pattern to be a good player

The Internet is loaded with poker-winning tips. But we want you to look at the bigger picture. Here are the patterns you must follow to be a serial winner!

1. Be aggressive:

Poker is won by betting, and big wins require big bets. Many poker beginners are too cautious. When betting or raising, they’ll check. Caution makes you appear weaker than the other players. Stronger players will push you around if they know you won’t bet or raise often. Other players will quickly fold when you bet big, reducing your payout. Aggressive play grows pots. If you have a winning hand, milk the table.

2. Pay attention to your opponent and the pot–

Predictive power is boosted by keeping tabs on your opponent’s actions. Consider the betting line and players betting patterns, such as how often they get into the pot or the positions they play, as you consider how to win at poker.

3. Review the winning order in poker

Learn everything you can about the winning cards in poker and play aggressively with them. Make a list of your mistakes and go over each hand with an eye toward stack size, preflop poker, position, and post-flop action of the Poker winning cards.

4. Read your cards accurately:

The winning order in Texas Hold ’em poker is as essential as the quality of your cards. Make the most of your table’s community cards and learn the odds of making the best 5-card winning hand. Playing with the best possible odds of getting the desired Poker winning cards is a sure way to win big at poker.

Poker Pattern to Avoid Losing

You can find tons of resources about winning. But no winning strategy can save you if you are unaware of the standard poker pattern that makes you lose the game. 

1. Manage Your Bankroll

Maintaining control of your bankroll is essential if you want to succeed in online poker. The more you play mindlessly, the more likely you will lose. You need to set bankroll limits if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash at the poker table.

2. Play with solid hands only

If you want to learn how to win at Texas Hold ’em as a beginner, you should stick to starting hands like pocket kings and other strong pairs like them. When you have a strong hand, go all-in and force your opponents to try to gain an advantage with a weaker combination later on.

3. Avoid unnecessary fold

To win at poker, you must never get overconfident in any situation. Fold when necessary. Fold your poker hands before you put too much money in the pot with the hope of winning it, foreseeing the threat from your opponents. Slow plays pay off too.

Betting Pattern

Next time you’re playing poker, keep an eye out for these betting patterns.

1. Hands played in a given time.

You can get a good idea of the starting hands they prefer by counting how many hands they’ve played. To counter the opponent’s desire to enter the pot with marginal hands, someone with many hands will not be able to have premium hands every time. Additionally, players who play a few hands are more likely to wait for big ones.

2. Hand they are showing off

It’s essential to remember whether your opponents played aggressively with a weak hand or took their time when they had a monster hand. Seeing their hands in the showdown will give you much information about the game.

3. Check Raising

Check Raising Check-raises on the turn indicate a strong hand, so bet the River if you see this. These players call the flop, then check-raise on the turn, and then bet again, and anyone foolish enough to call experiences the opposite outcome.

4. Aggressive before and after the flop

Some players play aggressively before the flop, fade off after the loss when they’re called, and then fade off again on the turn. Playing aggressively and then betting on the turn indicates a strong hand for your opponent. If the aggressive player does not place a bet, you’re in the money.

5. The same bet size as the flop is placed.

A weakness can be seen when players refuse to increase their bet size. Their apprehension makes it hard for them to make small value bets. If the bet on the turn is weak, the hand must be a middle or top pair. In an instant, it increases the chance of taking the money!

6. Keep an eye on the River.

Constantly checking the River is a standard bet line in Texas Hold ’em. Those who had called the flop and found a decent hand bet the flop and the turn, which was a success. Waiting for something better would be his plan if the River didn’t deliver what he was hoping for. It’s an excellent opportunity to bluff an opponent when they do something like this.

Poker strategies may seem tricky if you are starting. But play it more often to grasp the game. 


1. How to remember the profitable patterns?

Don’t put it all into your brain cells. Have a hard copy of the strategies and charts. Study them. Apply them every time you play

2. How can I win every time?

Winning and losing is part of the game. Instead of being sad, find out what you did wrong. Watch videos, read blogs, articles, and forum

3. Is online poker safe?

It depends on the platform/ website. Choose a website like Poker52, where you play with only verified players.

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