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Here are the terms and definitions frequently used in poker generally.

If you are playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker, you would be sited in either “9” or “6” maximum tables of your choice, in due course of time you shall also experience 7 Max & 8 Max Tables on the go.

9 Max & 6 Max TableThe following terms mean a certain position that you hold currently in the board

Early Position Middle Position Late Position
SB= Small Blind UTG = Under the Gun LJ = LoJack BTN = Button /Dealer
BB = Big Blind HJ= HiJack CO= Cut Off

For Nerds & Historians: The above-mentioned names are fanciful etymologies such phrase first appears in 18th century US writing and It is only vaguely related to its general meaning.

Just like Cricket or Football, your position plays a vital role in your game/hand in Poker too. 


PLAYING STYLES: What playing tactics to choose

Loose Passive Tight Aggressive
Playing too many hands, including weak ones. Frequent calls and rare raises. Playing strong hands and folding weak ones. Frequent bets and raises, and calling rarely.

The style used by almost all successful poker pros is an Aggressive approach

Tight-aggressive Strategy

Playing tight and aggressive means waiting for profitable situations and consistently taking advantage of them.

Tight play:

Tight means that you don’t play everything that falls into your hands. There are many cards that look weak and actually are weak. However, there are also some hands that look strong, but aren’t, such as King Jack. After the flop, you don’t need to see every showdown simply because you have a pair. Knowing when you are to beat or when the price is too high can save you a lot of money.

Aggressive play:

There is one simple rule in Texas Hold’em: You don’t want to be the one to just call, i.e., the one who just goes along with the bets, without betting or raising yourself.

In a poker game, your profit is a result of your opponents’ mistakes. And when do people make mistakes? When they have to make an important decision under pressure.

Things to Remember:

At a table, with nine players you should only play 15% to 20% of the hands you are dealt, on average. This means you should fold before the flop in four out of five cases.

It is also profitable if all your opponents fold their cards, giving you the pot without having to show your hand. This is only possible if you are betting and raising a lot.

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