Whats in your Pocket? - poker psychology

Nearly 100 years before Charles Darwin argued that we can detect someone’s emotional state by looking at his/her face.

Whether Online or Offline version of poker, we all have to understand that playing a hand generates organic expressions, & tapping an expression & amplifying “reads” require some deep research. Together we have compiled a pictorial allegory that shall help you understand the psychology of poker and remember how you control your “Face-Reads” while playing online real money poker.

Who should read this: Who so ever is looking for clues to help them determine “if a poker player is fearful of your betting” or “not” or “what clinical things to observe while playing a hand of a poker game.

The ability to understand facial expressions in a game of Poker is a very important nonverbal communication.

Reading people’s faces is an important part of poker winnings & tournaments. Recognizing facial expressions is an important way to get a sense of how someone is feeling about the cards dealt.

Being able to simply recognize facial expressions, however, you should also understand how to communicate about how someone might be playing poker.

Poker Psychology: We advise that you learn these major types of facial expressions :


anxiety & relaxtion - poker psychology


Stillness & movement | Poker Psychology


silence & talking | poker psychology


Real Smile and Fake smile | Poker psychology


Eye contact and Eye Exposure | Poker Psychology

If you know about human behavior, a lot of the information may seem like common sense. Especially if you have never tried to apply this knowledge at the poker game.

You should always keep in mind that experienced poker players will have overcome many of the instinctual emotional habits that mediocre players tend to have.

When playing with poker players you know are experienced, you should be less likely to believe any emotion-based tells.

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