Understanding Poker Tournaments.

Let’s get to understanding the poker tournament format of sporting poker. They are usually the favorite of the players who are improving their game or are in their growth patch.

However the basics remain the same, the format differs much.

In a tournament fondly called ‘Tourneys’, there could be as many as 2 players on a single table, too many hundreds of participants playing on multiple tables. The winner of the tourney is the person who wins every poker chip on the way to the top in the game and the others are awarded places based on the time of their elimination.

If you have a sound understanding of cash games, mentioned in our previous post, it’s going to be an easy journey understanding the tournament format.

To participate in a usual tournament, a player pays a certain amount of fixed buy-in. the player is given a certain quantity of tournament poker chips At the beginning of the game. These chips have no monetary value but only determine the placement of a player in the tournament.

On many online Poker platforms, people are allowed to enter the tourney for free. These tournaments are called freerolls or free-buying. The prize pool is generally third-party sponsored.

The amount of these Poker chips given to every player at the beginning of the tournament is an integer multiple of the amount of the buy-in. Commercial setups save a portion of this buy-in as the fee to conduct the tournament called tournament fee.

A player’s chips in a tournament cannot be cashed out for money and serve only to determine the placement of the player.

About The Blinds In Poker Tournament

In tournaments, the cost of the blinds increases at a fixed rate as opposed to the ring games. This facilitates the tournament to pace up.

Table stakes in a tournament depend on the pre-designed format.

There are many types of tournament types. For Certain poker tournament, known as bounty tournaments, a bounty is placed on some or all of the players. If a player knocks down an opponent, the player earns the opponent’s bounty. World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest poker tournament event.

Then there are shoot-outs. But let us absorb this much and understand the various types the next time we meet.

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