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Updated: August 16, 2023
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Elevate Your Game With The All-New ‘Room View’ Feature For Poker Cash Tables

Online Poker is a skill-based game meant to be enjoyed by everyone. And we literally mean everyone! Be it as a fun game with friends and family, as a profession, or even as a respite from long working hours, Poker is undeniably the most pleasurable game around the world. At Pocket52, we take this notion of online Poker and crank it up a notch. Here, you can play entirely free through our freerolls or for the smallest stakes imaginable.

As we are on a constant grind to make your online Poker experience better, we revamped the lobby to give you an enticing and smooth gaming experience. The exceptional adaptability of Pocket52’s new lobby makes the gameplay an action-packed cakewalk even for the new players. Experience the best-in-class online Poker games only at Pocket52 with the all-new ‘Room View’ feature for Cash Tables.

Overview of the Room View Feature for Cash Tables:

One of the most attractive features of Pocket52’s revamped Poker lobby is the ‘Cash Table Rooms’. The new feature gives you a bird’s eye view of each room and helps you in choosing the Cash Tables of your preference.

Each room has its unique features, stakes, and its lucrative bonus capping making the gaming experience more adventurous for a player. Here, rooms are distinguished from each other based on blinds, buy-in amount range, game variants, max seat, number of players, and RIT.

Benefits of ‘Room View’ for Poker Players Playing on Cash Tables:

  1. With the all-new Room View feature, you can pick your favourite cash table and start playing in no time. The new feature saves your time, making it more convenient for you to choose your cash table.
  2. As table observation is not allowed, players can’t read your game and make notes on your gameplay.
  3. Reduces idle tables where nobody is playing. So now you can play at your favourite table without wasting time.
  4. Cuts down on fraudsters who attempt collusion and chip dumping on the platform.
  5. Ensures cash tables don’t run short-handed making the game more interesting and entertaining.
  6. Higher priority is given to a table where the players are fewer. Therefore, the room view makes sure table balancing is maintained every time.
  7. Last but not the least, the room view feature helps Poker ecology by protecting casual and amateur players. 

Have you tried our new lobby yet? Download the Pocket52 App now or play on your PC and build your bankroll.

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