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Updated: July 21, 2023
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Royal Flush in Poker

A royal flush is the greatest poker hand, symbolising the perfect skill needed to enjoy the thrill of poker. A royal flush is an exceptionally rare poker hand. It is made up of the same suit’s Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. A royal flush is an invincible powerhouse that guarantees victory as the rarest and most coveted hand in the game. Its regal status attracts respect and admiration from poker players all over the world. The sight of a royal flush on the table is exciting and awe-inspiring, given the astronomical odds of being dealt. It is the Holy Grail of poker hands, representing the pinnacle of achievement and any player’s ultimate goal.

What is Royal Flush in Poker?

A royal flush is the ultimate poker hand, consisting of the highest-ranking cards from a single suit. It is a unique and potent combo that will make any poker player feel like royalty. A royal flush requires the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit. The royal flush’s unrivalled stature and mesmerising attractiveness have earned it an iconic place in the world of cards, marking the pinnacle of achievement and grandeur.

Strategies to approach a Royal Flush Draw

Approaching a Royal Flush draw in poker demands a calculated approach within limited resources. With only five cards that can complete the hand, players must employ strategic decisions to maximise their chances of success.

Optimal hand selection, position awareness, and consideration of pot and implied odds become paramount. Smart semi-bluffing can also keep opponents guessing, enhancing the draw’s effectiveness. In this concise guide, we explore the fundamental strategies to master the art of pursuing the Royal Flush, combining prudence and aggression to seize the thrilling opportunity when it arises.

When faced with a royal flush draw in poker, having a good strategy is critical in order to maximise your probability of winning. Here are a few crucial items to think about:

Assess the pot odds

Assessing the pot odds of acquiring a royal flush necessitates consideration of the number of outs at play. Outs refer to the cards yet to be revealed in the deck that possess the potential to complete your desired flush. The greater the number of outs, the more favourable your draw becomes. To illustrate, suppose you hold four cards of a particular suit towards a flush, and only two cards of that same suit remain in the deck. These additional possibilities heighten the likelihood of successfully forming your flush as subsequent rounds unfold, thereby amplifying the potency of your draw. A comprehensive understanding of the number of outs empowers you to make informed decisions regarding the value of pursuing your flush draw and the appropriate course of action to undertake during the course of the hand.

Consider implied odds

Take into account the prospective future gains that may come your way upon hitting your flush, alongside the immediate pot odds, when contemplating your course of action. If the implied odds present a favourable outlook, it may prove worthwhile to remain in the game rather than folding prematurely.

Examine your situation

The seat you take at the table is quite important. If you find yourself in an early seat, act with care due to the existence of more players who have yet to make their moves. This raises your chances of encountering stronger hands, which you should be aware of. However, as you advance in your career, you gain vital insights and information that will help you make more educated choices and judgements.

Manage your bankroll

Manage your bankroll by establishing a maximum amount you are willing to invest in a royal 2flush draw. If the odds aren’t in your favour, don’t become too invested in the hand.

How well does a royal flush rank?

In most versions of poker, a royal flush is the best hand. It is made up of the five highest-ranking cards in a single suit: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten, all of the same suit. It is superior to all other poker hands.

A Royal Flush is unbeatable in traditional poker hand rankings. No other hand can match it in value or rank. It is an exceptionally rare and powerful hand, frequently associated with a large pot or a game-winning moment.

It’s worth noting that the rankings may differ slightly in various poker varieties, like lowball or split-pot games. However, in the most prevalent versions of poker, a royal flush is always the highest-ranking hand.

How Many Ways You Can Use For Getting Royal Flush? 

A royal flush is the rarest hand in the game of poker, which is difficult to make due to the low odds. There are only four variations of Royal Flush when you are using a single 52-card deck –

  1. Ace of spade, King of spade, Queen of spade, Jack of spade, 10 of spade
  2. Ace of diamond, King of diamond, Queen of diamond, Jack of diamond, 10 of diamond
  3. Ace of the club, King of the club, Queen of the club, Jack of the club, 10 of club
  4. Ace of heart, King of heart, Queen of heart, Jack of heart, 10 of heart

These variations rank equally.

Steps To Make Your Royal Flush 

To make this most sought-after hand, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Know About Your Hand First

The first thing to do to make a Royal Flush is that you need to identify the cards of the royal flush. A royal flush is also called an ace-high straight flush which contains five cards in the sequence of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same suits. Some poker games permit the use of wild cards, you can substitute a card for one of these cards in the royal flush.

Step 2: Recognize Which Game Is Suitable For Royal Flush

You also need to know which poker games are good for forming a royal flush. The royal flush is ranked the highest as it is rare to make than any other hand. The hardness of the hand combination makes the hand rare.

The toughest poker games to make a royal flush are the ones that deal only five cards to the players. So, in a five-card draw, the chances of making a royal flush are just 1 in 649,740.

The chances of getting a royal flush are much more in draw poker games which allow you to throw bad cards and get new ones. Poker games in which the players get more than five cards have maximum chances of getting a royal flush such as a seven-card stud or Texas hold’ ’em. The chances in these games are 1 in 30,940 till the river. In Omaha hold ‘em, the players get 9 cards, and hence the chances of making a royal flush are far better.

Poker games that use less than 52 cards also have improved chances of getting a royal flush like Royal to hold ‘em which uses only aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens. In these games, the total hands one can make is 4,845, and the chances of making a royal flush are 1 in 1211. If you play poker games that allow wild cards, then also there are bright chances of getting a royal flush.

Step 3: Have Your Royal Flush Strategy 

There is also a better chance of making a royal flush if you use strategy.

Firstly, you need to know when to Holdem.

  • If you get four cards that make a royal flush, your chances of getting a fifth card are 1 in 47.
  • If you get three cards that make a royal flush, the chances of getting a fourth card are 2 in 47, and for both the cards, is 1 in 1081.
  • If you get two cards that make a royal flush, the chances of getting the other three are 1 in 16,215.
  • If you get just one card that makes a royal flush, the chances of getting the four cards are 1 in 178,365.

The more cards of royal flush you have, the better the chances of winning.

You must try to play for the royal flush if you have consecutive cards. In the case of non-consecutive cards like, then you have 1 in 47 chances of drawing the missing card of the same suit.

List Of Royal Flush Poker Probabilities

The royal flush probability in different poker variants such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha in different betting rounds are:

In Texas Hold ’em, the probabilities of making a Royal Flush are:

  •   In the Preflop round, it is 0.000154%
  •   In the Flop round, it is 0.005%
  •   In the Turn round, it is 4.256%
  •   In the River round, it is 4.348%

In the Omaha variant, the probabilities of Royal Flush:

  •     Preflop – 0.000154%
  •     Flop – 0.0058%
  •     Turn- 4.444%
  •     River – 4.545%

What Happens When There Are Two Royal Flushes? 

When there are two Royal Flushes, then both the players become the winner of the pot and the pot is split into two. Since both the Royal Flushes will have the same ranking, none can be preceded. 


With a Royal flush poker hand, you can beat all the other hands like a straight flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, etc. This one is the best possible poker hand ranking, as it can defeat all the poker hand orders. 


1 – How rare is a Royal Flush?

A royal flush is an exceptionally rare poker hand. In a five-card poker hand, the probability of getting a royal flush is about 1 in 649,740. This indicates that you have a 0.000154% probability of getting dealt a royal flush in any given hand.

2 – Can a Royal Flush be beaten?

No other hand in a regular poker game can defeat a royal flush. It is the highest-ranking hand and the most powerful combo available. When you have a royal flush, you can be positive that no other player at the table has a better hand. In terms of hand rankings, the royal flush is unbreakable by any other hand, including a straight flush, four-of-a-kind, or any other combination. So, if you get a royal flush, you have the best hand conceivable and are almost certain to win the pot.

3 – Can multiple players have a Royal Flush in a single hand?

No, multiple players cannot have a royal flush in a single hand using a conventional 52-card deck. A Royal Flush is the highest-ranking hand in poker and consists of the same-suit Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten. Because there is only one ace of each suit in a deck, multiple players cannot get the same royal flush at the same time. If one player has a royal flush, another player cannot have an identical hand in that given hand of poker.

4 – Can a Royal Flush be achieved in all poker variants?

A royal flush is possible in most basic poker variations that use a traditional 52-card deck. Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, and Five-Card Draw all recognise the royal flush as the best hand. It’s worth noting, though, that different poker variants may have different rules or employ different deck sizes, which can affect the availability of a royal flush.

5 – Is a royal flush unbeatable?

Yes, a royal flush is the highest-ranking hand in most standard poker games. It consists of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten in the same suit. A royal flush is an unbeatable hand, meaning that no other hand in poker can surpass its value in a typical game. However, it is important to note that the probability of obtaining a royal flush is extremely low, making it a rare and highly sought-after occurrence in poker.

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