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Updated: August 31, 2023

What do you think, is the foremost requirement for sporting the game of poker?

Is it the rules of poker?

Is the theory of the game?

Or is it wagering on the table?

Is it the shuffling of the deck? or what?

Rules and words can be located in books. These are merely the components, like those building blocks. But what you construct your game around, is essential, a set of virtues-

Poker requires one to be holistically developed to succeed in the game. People who are aware of themselves, their reaction patterns, reflexes, and much more. A person’s high emotional quotient pays off very high in poker. That is a skill every individual must hone.

But then what about the cards?

Your cards will be dealt. You will decide based on the calculations you perform around many variables. You must gauge the people, understand the probabilities, you may also check the temperature in the room if you want…(only kidding, but why not?)

However, we must get a hold of a lot of information before we begin. History of the game, Game Play, types of poker games, an understanding of the human body language, various platforms where the game is available, and understanding of the management of your money in the game.

Hence, for your convenience and enrichment, we are releasing an entire pocket of posts.

I’ll Conclude…

We finally come to understand that, during a grind, you are a part of a very compact ecosystem, only and only your intelligence will help you rise to the top.

You may want to kiss a stone before a hand is dealt, but take it from the experts, it is never working out.

 Build, your skills, 

 Churn, your mistakes,

Win (Like you have no other option)
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