The number and kind of players on a poker table influences the game strategy of each player sitting on it. And provided, the platform does not let its players wait for long, the busier the poker room is, the higher will be the number of new and active users on it. Let us just say, a smart player would be hesitant to spend his money on sites where there aren’t many tables going. Moreover, each game is different, and the blind sizes and players playing it makes it so and this might lead a player to search a different table.  He would always prefer an array of table choices to choose and play at multiple tables. Hence, to keep the player-sphere rolling, it is very necessary to maintain a high level of player liquidity. 

player liquidity

Hence, to galvanize the players, Pocket52 poker network brings genuine players on the tables, with more competition and more fun. Unlike other site operators, Pocket52 has never been reluctant in adopting a new technology or business model. With a customer-centric vision, team at Pocket52 stepped ahead to make it India’s best online poker platform and aced player liquidity by connecting Indian Poker Network to poker players from different channels and offer a shared liquidity player pool. The only Indian online poker platform that gives its users an experience that is extravagant. In simpler words, you can play poker online from anywhere in the subcontinent on any website registered within Pocket52 network – giving you an access to the 2500+ players playing on different tables at any given point of the day – irrespective of their origin site. The number of users has increased with the consistent rate of 25% every year at Pocket52. Pocket52 has also partnered with other Poker networks such as Mobile Premier League and Calling Station to give their users the best possible Poker experience.

After striving for three long decades, online poker has finally got some spotlight. Even though most of the platforms witness the participation of hard-core professional poker players, bringing the players who play poker for fun, is still an art that site operators are trying their hands on! In fact, many of those online poker platforms manoeuvre the player liquidity via proposition players, also called ‘props’. The online poker platforms hire them to play poker and sustain the tables which doesn’t attract a lot of players. Not only this, but they also remove stakes and introduce poker tournaments with fast-fold poker to sustain both total liquidity and game liquidity. For those who do not understand the difference, total liquidity can be termed as the total number of players on any online poker platform at any given time whereas individual game liquidity refers to the player pool at a specific stake and game type.

More than chips it is the players that level the playing field and makes it more interesting

Separately, each website may offer its players, fewer tables to play on, limited tournaments and minimal guaranteed prize pools. But why settle for less when you can have more entertainment with Pocket52’s dynamic poker network. Deployed effectively, Pocket52 network allows you to leverage the shared liquidity pool, which brings an exciting list of features that offer you an overall game experience worth putting your money for! Being India’s first and only poker platform with shared player liquidity, Pocket52 is designed for the passionate poker players in order to equip them with an environment that nurtures their dream of becoming professionals in poker. 

Also, Pocket52 should be your next Poker destination, not just for the shared player liquidity, but for the other features it brings to the table. Coupled with India’s first cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator (RNG), Pocket52 offers daily tournaments to its users, with massive guaranteed prize pools, table customisations, lightning-fast cash withdrawals and Pocket Vault — the poker cashback program.

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