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Updated: July 8, 2023
Pocket52 Network - India's First Cryptographically Secure Online Poker Network!

Introducing the Future of Online Poker in India – Pocket52 Network

A One-stop Solution for Building Your Own Online Poker Platform in India!

Welcome to Pocket52 Network!

We are currently the only Indian poker network to offer a shared liquidity player pool that connects players from all across the subcontinent. Moving towards the domestic market represents a huge opportunity for the Indian poker industry and highlights the numerous possibilities that co-exist.

Nitesh Salvi; CEO & Co-founder – Pocket52

Be it the impossible-to-crack RNG+ poker platform developed in-house, the smooth-as-silk vertical/horizontal screen transition, or the one-of-a-kind picture-in-picture feature that lets a player keep playing in a minimized window while browsing other stuff on their smartphone, Pocket52 has always strived to ensure only the very best for poker players in the Indian subcontinent. So, it was time to take the next leap to bring together all the poker players playing on different online poker platforms in India under a single tamper-proof network where the action is on all day, every day!

Introducing Pocket52 Network, India’s first cryptographically secure online poker network equipped with the best-in-class poker client, complete with customizable poker rooms offering multiple online poker game types like Texas Holdem Poker Online, Omaha, etc. along with an extensive selection of buy-ins and table stakes and non-stop action round the clock. The online poker software is customizable and can deliver a personalized offering based on the gaming behaviors and preferences of both new and experienced players.

Fully integrated with a cryptographically secure RNG+ platform, Pocket52 Network is supported by premium back-end management tools and a powerful marketing system and services. The various innovative network promotions will guarantee player engagement, which will aid in player retention and help secure new acquisitions for all operators in the shared network. The launch of Pocket52 Network gives Pocket52 additional operational, technological, and commercial flexibility to develop innovative and exciting new partnerships and offer a wider choice to the customers and players by playing poker as a game of skill more than as a game of chance’.

At ~7.5 MB, Pocket52’s Android app is one of the lightest poker apps in the market and runs on a cryptographically secure random number generator platform powered by lava lamps that cannot be hacked into.

What is an Online Poker Network?

For the uninitiated, an online poker network is simply a collection of online poker platforms that share common software and poker players to help keep the tables active. Instead of creating their software and building a unique base of players, online poker rooms sometimes share players and tables with other poker rooms by becoming a part of a poker network. This helps ensure an adequate number of players and action for all the poker rooms on the shared network.

What are the advantages of an Online Poker Network?

The biggest advantage is the number of games and tournaments on offer, and also bigger and better promotions. Individually, each site may well be able to offer a few cash game tables and the occasional tournament. Together they can offer a lot more. There’s strength in numbers; with players from different poker rooms all pooled together under one network sharing the same software, all the poker platforms sharing the network will have good player traffic from the start to offer to new players.

By joining together, the tournament list can be huge, there are a lot more cash games to choose from – and novel games like lottery Sit N Go, Spin N Go, and fast-fold poker can also be offered. Something similar happens with promotions. Promotions giving away trips to live poker events or good old-fashioned cash are bigger and better when there are several sites together.

Why Join Pocket52 Network?

Pocket52 Network is India’s first online poker platform where the player pools are shared. This provides the players with amazing action and a larger player base to play with . It’s For the players, By the players , and Of the players.
Satyam Verma, CTO & Co-founder – Pocket52

For a new platform building, the platform needs a minimum investment of 6 to 12 months since the poker business model is similar to a marketplace model, the initial traction is extremely difficult posing the question “Who do I play with if I am the first user?”. Even for existing online poker rooms, developing and maintaining stable software all the while getting enough players to keep the tables busy is a daunting task.

The profitability of a platform is closely tied to the utilization of the platform. If there are fewer active tables, the utilization is lower, hence the reduced profitability. A poker network presents a shared occupancy scenario, thereby motivating more players to participate in the game hence increasing table occupancy.

Powering Innovation at Poker Companies Worldwide

Pocket52’s shared network will significantly boost marketing and revenue potential for online poker room operators all across the world, including through larger-scale cross-territory network partnerships and promotions. It will also significantly expand on the offering for players in all markets, with greater guaranteed prize pools and an increasing array of cash game tables.

The launch of Pocket52 Network is already creating a buzz in Indian poker circles. Along with having their own Pocket52 online poker room on the network, Calling Station, a popular Indian online poker platform, has also joined the shared network. Many more are already in discussion and will hopefully become a part of what will eventually revolutionize online poker in India.

  • Pooled traffic from multiple sites – more players on the tables makes it easier for each site to attract more depositors for their skin.
  • Low setup cost – The software is leased to the skin at a cheap cost with a monthly rental, which lowers the risk as there is no need for spending huge on software development.
  • Extensive game catalog to keep players engaged.
  • Exciting network promotions happening round the clock.
  • Cryptographically secure poker client, developed in-house, to always ensure fair play.
  • Indian-made software – 100% legal/ properly functional with mobile instant play.
  • Guidance from top professionals in the industry for running the site and its management.
  • Shared cost for tournaments (if all the skin owners agree to run them mutually) – less layover at risk, more players that’ll register.

Pocket52 Network – Grow Your Online Poker Network Independently, Together.

Here are some of the awesome features that players and poker platforms both enjoy with Pocket52 Network:

Pocket52’s random number generator algorithm uniformly distributes unpredictability to ensure an unadulterated gaming experience for players. The RNG+ algorithm, powered by Lava Lamps, has been developed in-house from scratch and has been internationally certified by iTech Labs, Australia. The algorithm uses an entropy pool fed by Lava Lamp hardware to ensure that the cards are unpredictable, non-repeatable, and uniformly distributed. It’s impossible for anyone, including expert algorithms, to beat the maze of randomness and guarantee tamper-proof gaming for everyone!

User Interface
Being one of the lightest poker apps in the market, Pocket52’s poker client interface is simple yet elegant and guarantees a seamless experience for all.  With advanced hardware acceleration, the app uses very little battery while using low RAM to run the application. Better still, users can enjoy a 4G gaming experience even on low Internet speeds. One of the best features of Pocket52 Network is the Picture-in-Picture option (like YouTube). Pocket52 is the first and only poker client in the world which offers this feature where a player can play poker in a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while navigating between apps, ordering food, or browsing content on the main screen.

Customer Support
Pocket52 is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to help you resolve your concern. Our omnichannel contact center allows you to get in touch with us any time of the day through chat, call, or email. Our specialists will assist you in the planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, upgrading, and maintenance of our poker client or any other issues you might be facing.

Whatever the issue, we’ll be there for you!

Social Responsibility & Game Integrity
Game integrity is of paramount importance to us. To ensure the regulatory requirements are always met, we have a dedicated and experienced team working round the clock to monitor everything happening on our platform at any given time. Our specialists work closely with licensees and regulators to detect any possible fraudulent activity and prevent it immediately. They also provide second-level support for licensees, monitor the performance of our networks, and escalate any issues.

The user-friendly poker client, available on desktop, mobile, and web channels, allows licensees to launch their own fully branded, crash-free & customizable poker rooms. Pocket52 Network licensees receive full training on our processes, with refresher training available upon request.

Every month we devise innovative and compelling network promotions to reward our players.  Our network will run certain promotions that our partners can also promote for free at no cost.

So Many Poker Games & Variants!
Pocket52 Network offers a huge range of poker games, including Cash Games and Multi-Table tournaments, ‘Sit n Go’ etc. Poker variants include No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha (standard 4-card), 5-Card PLO, etc.

Access It From Anywhere!

Pocket52 Network software is available on almost all devices, including all popular smartphones and tablets.

  • Instant PlayYou can access Pocket52 Network from any internet browser from anywhere in India! Just login/signup and you’re ready for action! No download is required!
  • Mobile AppThe lightest poker app on the market! There is no greater pleasure than playing poker on our mobile client. Runs like butter, on all popular Android devices!
  • Windows SoftwareDownload our Windows software & enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Coming Soon: iOS App | Mac

Empower your business with our low-cost setup and be assured of the best overall user experience for your players with targeted promotions, bonusing tools, and next-generation collusion prevention and detection tools, backed by dedicated 24/7 online support.

Ready to compete with the biggest Online Poker Platforms in India? Send us your business proposal at

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