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Updated: May 25, 2023

Poker Dictionary: Learn The Important Poker Words 

If you are new to Poker games and familiar with poker words then this is for you. Poker is a family of card games that combines gambling, strategy, and skill. You can play online poker for real money in India. There are many websites where you can play this skill game.

Equip yourself with the most important poker words.
1. What is ‘Action’ in Texas            Hold’em Poker? Is a term used in poker and other card games to signify a player’s chance to act his decision on the table?
2. What is the act of All-in poker? In poker when a player bets all of his money in the action it is called to go all-in.
3. When do you call a defeat a ‘Bad Beat”? When a player has strong cards and the odds of a beat are minimal, but still loses to the other player’s cards. This is called a bad beat in poker
4. What is a poker Bankroll? The money people manage separately for betting in poker is called bankroll.
5. What is a poker Big Blind in various poker variants? In poker and other similar community game cards, the bigger of the two forced bets is called a big blind. The value of this Big blind is decided by the stakes of the table. The big blind is placed second to the left of the dealer button.
6. What is a Big Slick? A couple of an Ace and a King hole card is called big slick
7. What is a Bluff in poker? Betting or raising to appear to own strong cards when in fact the cards are weaker than the bets placed against.
8. What is a Bubble in a poker tournament? A minimum rank in a poker tournament that is rewarded with money
9. What does it mean to be Busted          Busted? A state of a player in a poker tournament where he/she has spent all their chips.
10. What is the act of ‘Check and Raise’ in the various poker games? In a Hand of Poker, the act of initially checking and then raising in case another player bets is called check and raise.
11. What does it mean by Chop? In a Poker Tournament, the players who remain at the end split the prize rather than playing until the last man standing. This act of splitting the prize pool is called ‘chopping
12. What is a poker board? In games like Hold’em and Omaha that have community cards, the area on the table with the community cards is called the board.
13. What are community cards in various poker variants? The cards that are dealt on the board for the common use of all the players are called community cards. In poker, They opened in three steps. The First opens in a set of three called the flop. The second opens a single card called the turn and again the third is a single card called the river.
14. What is the Dead Man’s hand? A famous hand consisting of black eights and the black aces
15. Who is a Fish in a game of poker? In poker, a new player who is not very practiced and tends to lose money frequently is called a fish.
16. What is a flop in poker? The first three community cards dealt face-up on the board are called the Flop
17. What is flush in poker? A hand with all the cards of the same suit makes a flush
18. What is fold in poker? Choosing to quit from the running hand and releasing any claim from the pot is called the act of folding
19. What is a freeroll poker tournament? A poker tournament where players are given free entry is called a freeroll.
20. What are the hold cards? In the game of poker, the personal cards dealt with each player are called the hole cards. In a game of Texas Hold’em, 2 hole cards are dealt and in a game of PLO or Pot-Limit Omaha, there are 4 hole cards dealt with each player.
21. What is a kicker in the game of poker? An unmatched card in a player’s hand that plays no role other than to break a tie. For example, two pairs 9-9 and 10-10 with an Ace beats two pairs 9-9 and 10-10 with Q. Here the Ace and the Q are called kickers
22. What is limit poker? Those poker game variants where limits are placed betting or raising values, as opposed to no-limit poker are called limit poker.
23. What is muck in a game of poker? Much is the act of abstaining from exposing one’s cards to the other players at the end of a hand.
24. What is a pot in a game of poker? In a game of poker, the total of the antes, Blinds, and bets placed in the middle of the table is called a pool.
25. What is preflop in a game of poker? The ordeal before the flop is called the preflop.
26. What is the raise in the game of poker? Raising is the act of putting more money in the pot than the previous players bet in a poker game.
27. What is ‘re-raise’ in a game of poker? In a game of poker when a player raises the rise of the previous player, it is called a re-raise.
28. What is a poker ring game? The poker live-action games are called rind games. It is played by any number of players on a single table
29. What is a river in a game of poker? The 5th community card opened is called the River.
30. What is a royal flush in poker? A hand of suited A-K-Q-J-10 is called a royal flush
31. What is the act of showdown in poker? The final act in a poker hand where the players display their cards to decide the winner is called a showdown
32. What does ‘steal the blinds’  mean in poker?
33. What does it mean by straight in poker? A hand sequence of consecutive cards is called a straight. eg. 7-8-9-10-J
34. What does it mean by the straight flush in poker? A hand sequence of consecutive cards that are suited, is called a straight flush.
35. What does it mean by suited connectors in poker? When the hole cards are suited and also consecutive they are called suited connectors
36. What does it mean by three of a  kind in poker? in a hand, three cards of the same rank are called three of a kind eg J-J-J
37. What is ‘turn’ in a game of poker? The fourth community card opened on the board followed by the flop is called the turn
38. What is under the gun? The player position placed on the left of the Big Blind is called ‘Under the gun”. this position is usually the first to act preflop.
39. What is poker? Poker is a family of card games.
40. What are poker chips? The coin-like pieces players exchange for real money for the ease of playing on the table are called poker chips
41. What does it mean by hand ranking in a game of poker? The card combinations are placed in a hierarchy or given ranks. This is to decide which hand combination wins over which.


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