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Updated: May 12, 2023

All You Need To Know About Poker Odds

The game of poker is all about skills. And in order to master this game, one must be ready to gauge and understand what the other players or opponents are holding. Sounds tricky right? It sure is, but it can become easier with the help of one poker lesson, that can change your game forever. And that is Poker Odds! 

Poker odds can be determined using the Poker odds calculator. A Poker odds calculator allows you to discover the odds in any given situation and turn the game in your favor. By using the Poker hands calculator strategically, you can understand your own hand, the opponent’s hands, as well as the table to decide what would be your next move.

The game of poker is all about mathematical calculations, and if you are a beginner, it is natural that you will initially find it tricky to understand the gameplay. But remember that it calls for lots of practice and determination along with efforts to excel and start to actually profit by playing. 

What Are Poker Odds?

Poker odds is the probability that one can expect to win or lose, or in other words the price on offer. It can help you understand how often you need to have the best hand to decide to call a bet. Every action like bet, raise, or call, that you make in no limit Texas Hold’em (NLH) has its own odds.

Odds in poker can be defined as the most basic probability tool available at the player’s disposal. Thinking about poker odds and understanding them is crucial for excelling at the game, be it the odds you are being offered or the odds you are offering an opponent.

Why Are Poker Odds Important to Learn?

First and foremost, remember that in poker generally, odds carry a similar meaning as in any other sport. Odds are pointers that indicate the probability of a player winning a hand or forecasting how much money they can probably win. There are different ways of expressing this probability such as fractions, percentages, or odds.

Poker requires skill, analysis, and quick decision making. Understanding and studying the various odds in a given game can help the player make more calculated decisions and thus increase the possibilities of winning the hand and, eventually, the game. If you are a newbie, learning the  basics of poker odds will help you buckle up for higher-stakes games in the long run.

Remember that in poker, every hand that is played and every bet made has some odds. So in order to succeed in poker you cannot underestimate poker odds.

What are Implied Odds?

When talking about pot odds and outs you will also come across the term implied odds. Implied odds refers to the total money one can expect to win in a later street, i.e., turn or river. For example, if the pot odds are 3:1 (say the pot size is $200 and a bet is $100) one stands a chance to win a total of $300 given one calls the $100 bet placed by the opponent. However, the odds can improve or reduce on the later streets, which is what implied odds means. Implied odds should be viewed as a player’s ability to evaluate whether they can win more or less money keeping in mind the future betting.

How do you Calculate Poker Odds?

Understanding the general approach to any hand is important. Firstly, count the number of 2 card hands dealt to you from a standard deck of 52 cards. Then count how the five board cards can possibly be dealt to complete your best hand. Finally, use the odds calculator to determine the exact probability. Poker odds chart, poker odds cheat sheet can also come handy when trying to figure out the poker odds to know.

Guide to Poker Calculator

Using a Poker odds calculator guide can greatly help you master the game of poker. It will urge you to make logical decisions backed by scientific numbers. With adequate knowledge and strategic implication one can become a seasoned player.

Step 1 – Analyze the Poker Calculator

To analyze the poker calculator, one must first have an understanding of odds in various Poker combinations. In Texas Holdem if your odds are 8:1, you have a winning chance once out of eight times. The ratio also means that you can earn an average of $8 for $1 you spend during a poker game.

If the pot odds table says your odds are 4:1, then it is safe to play that hand. If the odds exceed 4:1, it is said to have higher risk, and the chances of winning more money are also narrowed.

Step 2- Odds for the hand

While using the Poker odds calculator, one must primarily calculate the tentative ranks and number on the poker odds table and that of the other opponents. After understanding this, one can win the poker game and even rule out the likelihood of the next hands that you can win. Say a player is holding 4 out of 7 spades, then the poker odds calculators  would suggest that the player can have a flush with three additional spade cards. Additionally, they can also ask for A of heart, K of Spade, and 8 of Club on the board. In this scenario, there are 2 spades with you and 1 on the table which means (13 spade cards of the deck – 2 spades in your hand – 1 spade on the board = 10 odds). That means 10 more cards of spades are still available for winning the game.

Step 3- Unseen Cards Pot odds

Algorithms in poker can be useful for winning high amounts. Using algorithms players need to calculate the total unseen cards in all. For example, when the flop is dealt on the table, the player has two hole cards + 3 Flop Cards which is a total of 5 Cards. This information also means that 52-5= 48 cards are unseen amongst others.

Step 4- Texas Hold’em odds Poker calculator

After following the above steps, ruling out the Poker odds chart and distributing the equity becomes easier. As stated in the example above there are 48 unseen cards, and then there are 10 outs, and thus the remaining 38 cards will be the losing cards. Therefore, according to the poker odds calculator, the relative odds available with you are:

Losing cards= Outs/Winning cards= 38:10. This means 3:8:1.

Step 5- Pot odds Poker calculation (Shortcut)

Once you have gotten used to these calculations, you will find shortcuts to calculate this faster. If you consider the shortcuts, there are 10 outs after the flop is dealt, meaning you have a 10 x 4= 40% probability of winning in order to get a winning card on turn or the river.

According to the Poker odds chart, 40% probability equals 2:5:1 odds. After the turn is dealt, the players will have a total of 10 outs, which is 10 x 2, i.e., 20% chances of winning on the River. Hence here the Poker odd is 5:1.

Step 6- Pot Odds Calculation and what you need to bet?

As discussed in the first example, according to the poker calculator the odds are 3:8:1. If in a poker cash game, there is $80 in the pot, you will be required to match it if you wish to stay in the game. It implies that if you bet $10, there is a possibility that you win $90 from the pot. With such a great outcome, your Poker odds indicate 9:1, which is any given day the best poker odds to have.

Step 7- Should I bet or not?

While playing Texas Hold’em, don’t forget to always play smart by comparing the odds in your hand with the odds of the pot earnings. As an example, if the winning chances stand at 4:1, you can possibly get 9:1 on every game. Thus, don’t hesitate to take a chance and bet without thinking much. The Poker odds calculator generally gives a rough estimation about the Poker hand ranking with that of the other opponents on the table.


Remember that if you lose the best hand it’s okay, since the Poker sequence leaves a single chance out of four. That means you still have that one chance of winning. For every 1 coin you lose, you can earn nine more. You will have higher chances of winning even if you lose some money here and there.


What are odds in poker?

Poker odds is the probability of winning or losing a hand along with

the price one can offer. Each raise, call, or bet is ascertained in poker odds.

Why is poker odds calculator important?

Poker odds calculator helps to determine the accurate Poker odds that players must know to win.

How to read a Poker odds calculator?

Pot odds calculator can be understood by keeping the following in mind:

2:1= 33.3%


4:1= 20%

5:1= 16.6%

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