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Updated: July 6, 2023

Billy Baxter: Man who changed the game of Poker

William E. Baxter, Jr. a.k.a Billy Baxter was born in 1940 in Augusta, Georgia

He has won seven World Series of Poker bracelets. At a very young age of 14, he realized his talent for pool games. He discovered poker at the age of 18. Baxter won seven WSOP bracelets.

Very interestingly on a  honeymoon trip in 1975, Billy and his wife took a  detour to Las Vegas, Nevada, and ended up staying in a hotel for 9 months, playing poker for a living.

He eventually met his fellow legends Doyle Brunson, Puggy Pearson, and Stu Ungar.

All the bracelets Baxter won are in lowball games. Baxter is known for staking Ungar to the buy-in for Ungar’s winnings in the Main Event of the WSOP 1997.

The Best Moves he has ever made.

Although Baxter is best known for his on-table poker accomplishments and staking Stu Ungar, he is also known for the case of William E. Baxter Jr. vs. the United States. He won a trial against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the highest-ranking government agency responsible for tax collections.

Baxter’s upper hand, in this case, helped all the American poker players by giving them an equal tax status to the ones who made a living as professional poker players.

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