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Updated: July 26, 2023
Free Poker Tournaments

Free Poker Tournaments

Free poker tournaments or poker freerolls are events where players can connect with other players. They play poker to win prizes. There is no buy-in fee in these games.

There is a wide range of prizes as it includes real money too, but all of these games have one thing in common, i.e., all of them are free of cost.

If you are new to freeroll poker and looking to understand the concept, how it works, and how you can win, this will help you.

What To Know About Poker Freeroll?

To start with, the first thing you should be clear on is what freeroll poker tournaments are. Well, it’s a tournament that has no cost to enter. The players have to register, and they can start playing. Also, you end up playing among the players who are on top and win something in return.

Freeroll poker tournaments India is exactly the same as most of the expensive tournaments in poker. There are structures in levels featuring increased blinds and ante bets. With that, they reward their number of players as the game ends.

Pocket52 offers several types when it comes to freeroll poker events. You can join most of them as they are open to all.

But some might need freeroll poker tournament passwords to play, whereas some are only for VIPs with a specific number of players.

Who Should Be Playing Poker Freeroll?

Well, it’s for everyone, but if you are a beginner, consider the poker freerolls, as they can be ideal for you. Here you don’t have to risk anything, but in return, you learn to play poker and also get the opportunity to win.

The best way to consider this as a value-packed event, especially when you might get a shot for bringing the tickets to play expensive events without any cost.

While you can play freeroll poker tournaments for real money, there are no massive prizes. These tournaments gain popularity for those who want to learn to play poker without spending or risking anything.

What Are The Differences Between Freerolls And Play Money?

You might think there are not many differences between these two as they allow playing poker without money. But this is the only difference both have.

Playing money games allows you to enter for free, but players can win real money here. Also, you are playing against the players who risked their bankrolls, and you can win, but only the play money.

Especially when it comes to playing money games with lower stakes, this can be wild. Players play in every hand to try or get their stack bag. Being patient is crucial to winning such games.

Freerolls are often better to start than playing money games. Players go all-in frequently in the early stages of these tournaments like others play money games.

You win the prize money, which is actual money or other more significant prizes. Also, it’s a perfect platform to improve your tournament skills.

What Are The Freeroll Poker Tournament Types?

Freeroll has different types, and learning the differences can help you choose the right one for you.

Well, it includes:

New Player Freerolls

New Player freerolls are the tournament available for the players who registered newly at casino sites.

These are accessible only within the first week you register for the site.

Exclusive Freerolls

These tournaments are open for a small number of players, suitable according to a set of requirements.

These are primarily for VIPs and the high roller; these are protected with passwords.

Weekly Freerolls

Weekly freerolls are the tournaments that take place weekly but at the same time and day each week. Here you might not have too big wings, but here you can earn casino credit or cash prizes of small amounts.

Satellite Freerolls

This is an open door for those who are non-VIPs to make their way into freerolls in the high roller. Satellite tournament winners receive tickets that are exclusive to the real money tournament. This type is to get the chance to pick the big guns and potentially some wins.

What Are The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Freeroll Poker Tournaments?

Pocket52 offers one of the best freeroll poker sites,  but before you jump to that, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of playing freeroll poker games.

Freerolls is one of them in most formats in a popular poker tournament, as these games are played by over a hundred players every week.

Some players enjoy playing these hourly freeroll poker tournaments as they get the chance to play it for free. While others want the fact that there is no buy-in, It allows the player to develop new strategies to play their game without any risk.

But it doesn’t mean you are going to meet only amateur players. Here, you get professional and experienced players too. They consider these tournaments for finding new features and software they might haven’t used yet.

Along with that, when you are going to play freeroll poker, here are some of the essential pros and cons you should know:

Pros Of Playing Freeroll Poker Tournaments

It costs Nothing. :The first and most important pro is that players have no cost to pay. It means you can enjoy and win poker freeroll tournaments with no deposit or any other risks.

Exclusive Events And Opportunities: Another benefit you get is that these tournaments are significant events that tend to attract low-skilled or beginner players. So if you are starting, this is the best place to consider.

Get a Chance To Play Poker Variants: Those who are beginners have the opportunity to learn how to play different variants of poker. With no risk and deposit, you do not worry about losing anything. And in return, you get a chance to play the other variants.

Have Low Pressure And Explore: Playing poker games can be stressful, especially when you have risks if you lose.  But when you play freeroll poker, there is so much pressure, creating more chances where you explore different strategies in playing the game.

Cons Of Playing Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Small Prize Pool: The con you get here is that the prize pool here is small compared to other tournaments. Since it’s not life-changing, the wins might not be what you are hoping for.

It Can Be Unpredictable : The game mostly attracts beginners, making it unpredictable as you have players with lower skills or no experience.

Password Protected Events Or VIP Only :You can play different events. However, the best one mostly has password protection. If not, it is only for VIP players, making it difficult to enter if you are a beginner.

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How Does Freeroll Poker Tournaments Work?

Well, if you are planning to start poker freerolls tournaments today and it’s going to be your first ever one, then here are a few things you should know about how poker works.

The Prize

The poker site hosts the poker events for free, setting their prize pool to be distributed between the players when the competition ends. The prize pool can include tickets to events, real money, swag, or special bonuses.

The prize pool can be split between the participants or go to the account for the winter.

The Stack

After the event starts, the players receive a free stack of chips used for playing the game.

This is also referred to as the starting stack. And all players who are going to participate in the game will have the same stack.

The Gameplay

Everything you get here is similar to the poker tournament you play regularly. This is why it’s a favorite of beginners.

The goal of playing the game is to end the competition using all chips given in your stack.

The Structure

The tournament bets on antes and blinds. This increases as the game goes with a straddle bet, which is not common in free tournaments in poker.

Each of your freerolls features a set of rules which is particle and important regarding the time of playing the game, bounties award, split of prizes, etc.


There might be a lot of questions you have. You might be looking for freeroll poker tournaments near me, how to play the game, etc.

But it’s important to be clear on your basics. One of the questions players have is can this help you win real money? Well, this can’t be the one shot that will be life-changing, so it’s important not to go with that mindset.

However, you win real money when you play in this tournament, which can be cash prizes awarded to winners. So don’t worry about any hidden fees or be surprised; the game is free! You can start with nothing and still earn prizes!


Are playing freeroll poker tournaments actually free?

Yes, playing freeroll tournaments costs nothing to enter. However, some might require you to deposit as it depends on the site.

What are the qualifications to play freeroll?

The qualification depends on the site as some let the player play the freeroll. Well, others reserve it for players who have made their first deposit.

When are these events open for players to enter?

Most of the competitions are open for about an hour or more. The tournament opens late to ensure players are committed and they’re available for the competition.

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