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Updated: December 4, 2023

Joker in Cards

The jokers are two additional cards that are usually added to a deck of cards and include images of court jesters. In poker, they are occasionally—though not frequently—used as wild cards. Before play begins, the jokers are usually taken out of the deck in card games. A regular deck of cards always contains two sets of Joker cards. Have you ever wondered why this card is used? This card, where did it come from? This card was frequently connected to fortune-telling. The late 1800s saw the creation of the first Joker in cards. In the 1860s, the game of Euchre underwent changes that required the addition of a trump card with the highest rank.

This will provide you with brief information on the role of Joker in cards along with use of joker in cards and importance of joker in cards.

History of the Joker Card

The card was first included in printed decks in the 1860s, which was a few years before Cincinnati, Ohio’s first United States Playing Card Company succession. It is thought that Euchre is where the word joker first appeared. Or it might have originated from the already-in-use terms “joke” and “joker.” Nonetheless, the Euchre game provided inspiration for the card’s design. 

The American Euchre players added a few extra rules to the game. The Best Bower, the most powerful trump card that was available, was the additional trump card that was mandated by these new regulations. Packs that were manufactured began to be released with the Joker card by the 1880s. The best Playing card is the Joker, sometimes known as the Jolly Joker.

These cards frequently had an alternate design, frequently the business’s identity, which featured elements of the emblem, like a flower or an architectural shape. The “Joker” term was followed by the widespread adoption of the jester picture. The Joker card and the Fool card in the Tarot are comparable. Then, these cards started to become more and more well-liked in traditional card games as well.

Why are there two Jokers in a deck of cards?

There are 52 cards in a normal deck. The two jokers go by the names “Big Joker” and “Little Joker,” sometimes known as “Full-Color Joker” and “One-Color Joker.” They failed to include them in other card games, though bridge soon surpassed euchre pack as the most popular game. Later on, it was included into well-known card games like war, canasta, and poker. It can be used as a trump or wild card in the majority of these games. There are rumors that two of these cards are produced for each deck in order to have an even number of cards. There are two joker in a deck of cards. 

Presently, a typical deck has two Jokers, which are frequently distinguished by their hues or patterns. Why both of them? It increases card game adaptability, according to one idea. Jokers can be used as wildcards in some games and discarded in others. Their dual presence guarantees adaptability to different game rules, allowing players to freely adjust.

Importance of Joker Card

Every card in a standard 52-card deck of playing cards has a unique value according to its suit or family. Depending on the game, players employ them in a wide range of permutations and combinations. The Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are the fundamental cards in every game. And with that, the Joker card appears. In a game of poker there are various use of joker in cards

There are usually two Jokers in a new deck. The application differs widely. In the majority of card games, the card is discarded entirely. They serve as either damaged or missing card replacements in a deck. As the highest trump in the Euchre game. They can symbolize other cards that already exist because they are frequently wild cards. This is where the term “Joker’s Wild” comes from. The Joker Card has extremely positive or negative effects. In Euchre, this card stands for the highest trump. It’s the wild card in poker. It’s a card you stay away from in the kid’s game Old Maid.

The joker card most frequently functions as a wild card. The joker can be utilized to symbolize any other card in a lot of games, which expands the strategic options and amplifies the action. Its introduction gives players more options and chances to create combinations that win. The joker is sometimes called the highest-ranking card in trick-taking games since it ranks higher than any other card. Because of its increased strength, the joker becomes an invaluable tool for players. The joker card can be used as a punishment or negative card in certain games. If a player is dealt the joker, they could face consequences like losing points or being forced to carry out certain tasks.

What Does the Term ‘Jokers’ Mean in Hold’em?

Hold’em pocket jacks are colloquially referred to as jokers. At this point, our initial preflop hole card deal is two jacks. Hold’em pocket jacks are colloquially referred to as jokers. At this point, our initial preflop hole card deal is two jacks. Other colloquial expressions for a pair of jacks include hooks or fish hooks, which allude to the letter J’s design as well as the potential for “fish ” or unskilled players to become overly excited and overplay a pair of jacks.

Do any Card Games use Joker?

Joker in cards are frequently used as blank or wild cards in games. Here are some examples of when Joker is used in a variation game:

  • Euchre and 500: It is the highest trump or “Top Bower”.
  • Canasta: The Joker can be either a deuce or a wild card. However, the card melds for 50 points, whereas the deuce only receives 20 points.
  • Gin Rummy: It is a wild card that can be used as any required rank or suit to finish a meld.
  • Chase the Joker: An Old Maid variant in which the card is used in place of an Ace.
  • Poker: It serves as a bug or a wild card in this instance. A limited-edition wild card used to finish straights and flushes is called a bug. 
  • War: It is the most significant card in the deck of playing cards. It outperforms all other cards in certain variations of this card game.
  • Pitch: Here, jokers serve as point cards. One is ranked higher than the other and is designated as “high” or “low.”
  • Daihinmin: Is either a deuce, which clears the discards pile and terminates the game, or a wild card.
  • Crazy Eights: Similar to Uno, this skip card also requires the player to forfeit a turn if it is played on any other card.
  • Spades: Since you can use the card for two purposes, it is necessary in this situation just like real cards are. You can add it to distribute the cards evenly when playing with three or six players (18 or nine cards each). These are the two highest trump or the most valuable cards, or they are considered “junk” cards. The “big joker” outranks the “little joker” in this comparison of the two cards. Additionally, they are designed as a “pseudo-trump.” The only card that would rank lower than a natural Ace of Spades in a combination of an Ace of Diamonds and Joker would be an Ace of Hearts.
  • Double King Pede: Here joker is the lowest rank but still has 18 points. 
  • Go Fish: When playing a game with two players, the pair is frequently used to increase the number of pairs to 27, break the 13–13 tie, and do one.
  • Dou Dizhu: The most valuable card in an assortment of playing cards is the joker. There are two cards in the set; one is small, the other large, and the coloured card is typically larger and scores more points.

Role of Joker in Poker

The Joker card is eliminated in the majority of patience games. Nevertheless, the Joker is a wild card in several patience game variants.

  • Forty Thieves- The Joker should be placed on the foundation if the natural card is unavailable. Any relevant cards can be placed on top of it. The Joker card is substituted with that specific card when it becomes available. It is there on a blank base until an Ace appears.
  • Free cell- You can add the Joker to the foundation pile in Free Cell, where it functions as a wild card as well. In the customary order, add the remaining cards. It remains till the natural playing card becomes accessible once more. After building a foundation pile, place the card on top of its existing pile.
  • Pyramid- The Joker card may be positioned atop the garbage pile by the player. The player can then remove any card from the pyramids in that scenario.
  • Aces up- To clear a row, the players utilize Joker cards, often known as “Joker Bombs.” You remove from the game and reshuffle into the stock when competitors deal into a column. The player can thereafter utilize the vacant spot that is left. This raises the likelihood of success.


Lastly, the Joker in cards was thought to be a fool at first but later became a picture of unpredictability and savage behaviour. Joker is now used in many card games, which has now become even more interesting and a surprise to play. No matter how one sees the joker card, whether it is a prankster or a symbol for freedom. Joker plays a crucial role in many of the card games.


1. Is Joker included in 52 cards?

Yes, jokers are now used in the 52 deck of cards. 

2. Are Joker and Jack the same?

Jokers and Jacks are two distinct card types. Four suits make up the typical 52-card deck that is used in combinatorics and statistics classes. 

3. Is the Joker the strongest card?

Depending on the game, a deck’s most potent card may change. The strongest card in certain games may be the Joker or a particular face card, but in others, the Ace is the most potent card.

4. Could the Joker defeat the Joker?

If there are two jokers, they rank as the top cards; if they can be distinguished from one another, the higher ranking card wins.

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