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Updated: July 23, 2023
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Online Cash Games In India

Online games are super fancy to some people. However, it can also teach how to stay super focused as well. Games are the ideal way to kill time, whether waiting for the train or a friend to arrive. Not just that, to entertain yourself and cope with the chaos around you. But players leveled up their gaming experience as now these online cash games are offering real money to play their games.

So if you are looking for online cash games in India where you can win cash as well, here is what can help you.

Types Of Online Cash Games To Play

Well, when you are considering Which game is best for real money? There are different types of online cash games that you can consider playing.

The critical thinking here is to pay for choosing the suitable games and platforms. Pocket 52 offers a booth where you can win tokens and have ways to win actual cash.

Here are some of the types that you can consider for online cash games in India play :

Word Games

One of the types that you get is word games, also known as word game puzzles and word search games. These are spoken videos or board games.

Such games are designed for testing the ability related to language or exploring the properties. They can be used as entertainment. However, in some cases, they serve an educational purpose.

Strategy Games

A strategy game is where players uncover or often stay autonomous. Decision-making skills and high significance determine the results. Playing most of the strategy games requires an interna decision tree and typically requires high situational awareness.

Arcade Games

An Arcade game, also known as a coin-op game, it’s a coin-operated entertainment machine. They are primarily installed in spaces for public business, including bars, restaurants, and amusement arcades.

But these games are available online too.

Fighting Games

A fighting game, also known as versus fighting game, is a video game genre that involves combat involving two or more players.

Slot Games

A slot machine is known as a gambling game where the use of spinning reels. Those reels also have the symbols, which randomly land after players put the bet and then spin it. If it lands on the line-up, the player wins the game.

Poker And Card Games

Another type of game is poker and card games. These include the standard set or deck of 52 cards. It’s a gambling game that includes luck but skill as well.

You can check out the games on Poker52; there are games available to try out.

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Casino Games

Casino games are those games available in casinos. The players gamble their casino chips and cash for possible combinations of outcomes.

It includes three categories: gaming, table, and random number games.

Why Would Anyone Pay You For Games?

It’s obvious to have doubts like Can I win real money online? But with that, some people might even believe why anyone would pay for playing games.

These are valid questions if you are not a professional tester, journalist in a video game, or a popular name in the gaming industry.

Even if you are an amateur gamer, the game industry still wants their game in front of you to play and is looking for more players to join.

Game developers and apps need people so they can check their games and see how it’s working.

Apart from this basic, here are some more points to consider :

  • Gaming companies or developers partner with sites with a vast number of people interested in games and completing the tasks. In return, they receive a reward or gift cards.
  • Different games offer different ways to make money. Some games provide a welcome bonus as soon as you install the app and create an avatar.
  • Once you reach the levels, you receive more rewards, so you put in more time and get money from it.

Depending on the game, companies decide the rewards based on given tasks. With this, they get the players to try out their game.

What Are The Best Types For Cash Games?

When you are picking the right cash game, it’s essential to know which one can be the most profitable for you.

Well, video games are famous. However, they rarely directly pay. But people also win the real money from winning the tournaments, framing characters to level it up, and becoming the streamer.

Also, esports is considered a professional way of winning the big jackpots. There are many gamers who win money from being a videogame tester. Here you can directly work with the producers to be their tester and try their beta version.

Another one that you can consider is slot machines online. It’s another way of winning money. They are available on websites and apps. Sometimes, you need to buy and start the game, but sometimes you just need to deposit the bonus to sign up.

Around 8% of smartphone users are playing casino games online. You can consider that online poker has some face regulations from some statewide gambling agencies.

You win and win from it too.

List Of Online Cash Games In India To Play

There are different apps when you look for them. Which game app gives real money in India?

Pocket 52 offers a platform where you can enjoy the games online and win cash from them. However, with that, there is a list of online games that players can play in India. And it includes :

Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash is a website that is legit when it comes to winning money. And it’s credited directly to the Paytm wallet.

The game is fun and includes a shooting game of real light bulbs. For this, the players are required to break the light bulb within the given time and use the slingshot. To compete with each level, here you win the rewards as you go. Here you get the games, including Rummy, Poker, Fantasy Cricket, and 8-Ball Pool.

Pay Box

To those who are looking for What games play pay real cash? You can consider the Pay Box app.

It’s considered one of the best-winning games on Paytm in India. Here you get the different ways the players can learn immense points as a reward. With that, Pay Box offers surprise gifts, including spin & win referral winning, and competing tasks are given daily, posting a poll, 100 days login, lucky vouchers, and even watching their videos.

Choco Crush

As compared to other games, choco crush is new to gaming platforms. However, the app gained popularity since it started to offer games that had never before been witnessed.

The game offers the interface; it is user-friendly and easy to access. The app was primarily offered as a puzzle game similar to Candy Crush. You can register for the selected tournament.

Rush By Hike

The game is designed by the Indian Youth centric brand Hike which is quite a trusted and reputed name in the industry. The hike is known for building products that are superior in quality technology.

All games here are designed in order to test human skills, so it comprises real players and the human community. Rush offers a gaming platform to play Carrom, Pool, Fastest Finger Quiz, and Bumper Battle.

My11 Circle

The game is one of the ideal fantasy cricket games players can play at their fingertips.

My11 Circle offers fantasy cricket where you can pick your team and get rewards. Also, there are cash prizes that are worth around Rs. 1 crore.

Paytm Fantasy Cricket

If you have managerial cricket skills, including building your team, etc., then you can easily win real online money for free.

Paytm Fantasy Cricket offers you to play and win more than Rs 1 crore in your winning app daily.


Ace2rtThree is a whole partake in a gaming experience you can get from a multi-gaming platform.

So you can enjoy various games, including Cricket, Rummy, Carrom, etc., in order to win money.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool brings an exciting purpose to those who like to play Billiards on digital headsets and the biggest multiple online communities. Play billiards which is for free, and include your friends; consider online players in 1 on one matches. There are different tournaments and win cash rewards.

AIO Games

AIO games is a one-stop gaming application that offers the best-skilled games you can get online. Engaging with online games that offer money and make a mark in esports.

Here you get Fantasy Cricket To Rummy, Solitaire, Bingo, etc. It has a UI interface to consider.

KhelPlay Rummy

If you have a passion for playing rummy, here is the right place to consider. You can play your real-time online rummy, which has few clicks, and you win the rewards,

There is also an online money withdrawal for 24 hours. Also, it has a friendly interface that you can play with.


It’s one of the favorite websites where you can play your fantasy cricket. Also, they have daily winning, playing the sports quiz online, and you can participate in their fantasy league.

Not just that, they offer a weekly contest where you can join and win money.


Querka offers a fun-based destination where they ask trivia with live quizzes, updating hours for players to polish their knowledge and make cash.

Play games, and you can win decent money. They have more than 25 quizzes for the everyday gaming experience.

You can compete in a given challenge, providing answers and watching their ads.

mGamer App

mGamer offers an app that you can download easily for playing online games. Play your games, and win coins. Later, you can generate money online using those given coins. Also, you do not have to invest here.

Here games are free of cost, and once you sign in, you get the bonus of Rs. 20


One of the online cash-winning apps you find in India is where you can win real cash alongside entertainment. Galo offers the play and wins the cash rewards.

The platform offers online gaming where you can play and enjoy the whole experience with a sign-up bonus of Rs. 50.


You can play the trivia game, bingo, knife quizzes, or also take part in their polls. Baazi Now offers a different range where you can win money.

They also offer easy playing, winning, and daily winning directly to the PayTM wallet.


India’s live streaming and free-of-cost online platform where the players can participate.

Here you can win by playing different games and win cash by answering their questions regarding simple and exciting topics.

They offer a time limit to their answers. If you reply with the right one, here you can win more than Rs. 50000

Crumble Box

Well, Crumble Box offers multiple choices in topics from which you can choose. They have an online quiz game. You can participate with two players.

This game is challenging and can help you in winning money by giving the correct answers.

Also, win Rs. 10 by referring it to your friends or people you know. With sign up, get Rs. 10 instantly as a bonus.


You can win money online, considering there are so many games out there to play. However, finding the legit ones can be difficult.

So if you are looking for Which is the No 1 money winning app?

Pocket 52 is completely made in India. You can download the app, which allows you to enjoy the experience of online cash games.

Also, it offers complete security and a trustworthy platform where you can play poker tournaments and other games as well.


What games online are best for winning money in India?

To win money in India, you can consider playing Querka, Loco, Ace 2 three, etc. games where you have the chance to make real money.

What are the game apps where you can win real money?

There are different apps, including MyPoints, Swagbucks, Pocket 52, etc., that you can consider.

Can you actually make money from playing cash games in India?

Yes, the players can make money from playing games. There are different ways, too, including playing online cash games, creating videos regarding content, participating in various tournaments, etc.

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