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Updated: January 22, 2024
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Online Poker Real Money

Playing poker is fun and exciting, no matter whether you are playing online or in the casino. However, when it comes to real money online poker might seem intimidating.

Well, using real money is a different form of poker as compared to friendly home games or casinos. You can choose from plenty of options in operators, variants, and games. Here the competition is not as soft as the regular poker game, but the stakes are higher too. It’s essential to know how to start a poker game with real money. Here is what you can consider starting with this game.

What Is Poker Real Money Or Cash Game?

When you are starting, the first question that might pop into your head is What is real money poker?

Well, online poker real money in poker where the real money is involved. These poker games have virtual chips, and all of these are backed with real money.

So picking up the site, focus on depending on the specific guidelines that suit different players. However, you get all these on Pocket 52, and it includes :

Graphics And The Software

First is to look at the software that you get in the poker room. Focusing less on the visual effects, it’s crucial to check what makes it ideal for playing the poker game. So software allows you to play the game much more comfortably and easily.

Some of the important aspects that online poker with real money software makes your experience better includes:

  • It offers an interface that has ease of use for the players.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Real money and poker app variable for the iPhone and android users.
  • Layouts should be simple for playing the poker tables.

Players Numbers

The next crucial aspect is to know how many players can play the online poker with real money game actively on the site. The rule is the more, the better.

The more players, the more limits and varieties can be played, and it’s much better.

Soft Competition

The important aspect of online poker rooms is to consider the quality of the opponent you will get.

The weaker it is, the better chances of winning profits you have. Poker rooms should focus on recreational players that have only a few numbers of professional players.

Fees And The Rake

Real money poker comes with a cost; it’s not free on the internet or at line casinos. So it’s called rake, which is collected in these games, and the tournament charges fees.

When it comes to tournaments, the fees are fixed share on buy-ins. It’s between 5 to 10% which gets dedicated from all the buy-ins.

Selections In Games

Another one that plays an important part is to know what different and variant games you get offered. Some common ones include Texas Hold ’em or Omaha on virtual platforms. Some others are also there, so focus on finding game selections.

Welcome Bonus

All poker rooms try to get the attention of players, and for that, players offer poker bonuses.

It’s another important point to consider.

Security And Licensing

Another key fact is to know about the regulation and legal scenario of the site. Well, there is no worldwide rule or regulation of poker with real money. But sites get licensed through EU countries, offering legal security so the players can play.

Options In Payment

When you are looking for Can you play poker online for money in India? Make sure you have knowledge about the options you get in payment. Different rooms offer different methods of payment when you are going to play real money, which gives a wide selection of payments.

Why Should You Consider Online Poker Real Money Games?

If tournaments are regarding prestige, then the cash games where you are making the real money. This helps you in training for playing real poker, rather than moving all in and hoping for the best and for the blinds are high. So there are different reasons why you should consider playing poker real money games. It includes :

It Offers The Consistent Profit To Players

Regardless you are playing professional or starting as a beginner, playing Online poker real money includes cash games that bring profit. However, there are some losing days, but you win profit too if you know how to play it.

It Gives Freedom And Time

One of the benefits that you get here if you have the freedom to get up and leave any time you wish.

It Helps You In Making Better Player

Another reason you should consider real money poker India as it helps you in making better players. Also, you learn different ways to win from it, including real money. As you use real money, the stakes are higher, so you improve your skills.

Cash Games Are Fun

It might be controversial, but cash games are fun instead of tournaments. Because the stacks are much deeper, you get action more often. So don’t wait too long to play, as you do for poker tournaments.

You Can Win Real Prizes

However, it’s not the norm, but play money offers prizes that have an actual monetary value. You can win the poker tournaments and win real prizes.

You Learn Basics

If you are new to poker, don’t even know the basic rules of poker variants like No Limit Hold ’em, playing money in the right place can help you make the first steps.

It’s Legal

One of the most crucial upsides is that playing poker is legal. So if you are wondering, is real money poker legal in India? Well, it is.

So playing money is legal no matter where you are. There are different other countries, including America, Spain, France, Italy, etc.

How Does Online Poker Real Money Work?

To understand how this real money poker online works, here is what you should get. Once the player deposits their money into the account, there are a few ways by which they can spend their money. Players often use the money to play real money cash games or poker tournaments.

Some cash games also put a cap on the amount that the players are buying. Different games let you make the purchase depending on what you want as long as you have it in the account. Here you can play the tournaments for real money online. Similar to tournaments, you submit their one-time fees with a buy-in amount needed for playing the tournament.

How And Steps To Play Online Poker Money

When you start playing poker online for real money, it can be overwhelming initially, especially if you don’t have much experience in this game.

So How do you play poker online with money?

Well, it’s pretty easy to set up your real money poker account, and you can start playing with a moderate amount of money. You don’t have to spend too much. Pocket52 offers the options that you can consider for playing your poker game. So you can create your account instantly, and also, these sites are recreational player-driven, which means you have plenty of time to adjust and protect yourself from the players with much more experience. To start with, here are some points you should be aware of.

Find The Site To Play Real Money Online Poker

With a quick search on google, you will find the top-rated sites. Or you start with Pocket 52, India’s number one poker network that gives world-class experience and connects with players.

Register Your Account

The next important step is to register your account. Click through the chosen site and follow their intuition to register the account. Here you need to choose the nickname and email address, confirm the asked questions, and you have your account registered.

Deposit Your Funds

Once your account is confirmed, the next step is depositing the money. Choose the option that the site offers you to deposit your funds. Well, you can deposit your funds using credit cards or e-wallets.

Collect The Welcome Bonus

After you have signed up and deposited the funds, you get the welcome bonus. Either you get it from cash or a ticket to the newcomer tournament.

Start With Your Game

Here you are all set to start with your game. You can play poker online real money. Remember that you should stick to the lowest stakes to get an understanding and idea about the site.

Tips For Starting Your Online Poker Real Money

With real money, playing poker is much more exciting and intriguing. However, the hard part is to understand how to start and what can help when you play. To start with poker and real money online, here is the list of tips that will help you in boosting confidence and take the game to another level.

Here it includes :

Start WIth Slow Pace

When you are playing no limit, Hold em; here, you can lose the entire stack in a single hand. So you must be sticking with stakes that you are able to handle. Here is one trick you can consider: divide the bankroll by 20 to determine how much risk you have per game. The bankroll is the overall amount of money you are willing to spend playing poker.

Then divide it by 50. It gives you the maximum buy-in that you should be considering.

Only Bet When You Have The Goods

When you play real money games, big pots mean the big bluffs or hands. Anything that has in between, and players who have more experience can take the new ones to cleaners.

So it’s extremely important to be careful with what hands you have. If it’s like A – K, which does look good, but if you don’t have a pair and some other player hits the set, it’s better to think again, especially when you are playing low full house, flushes, straight where someone can easily beat.

In case of going to bluff, make sure you are choosing the component carefully.

Make Sure To Pay Attention To Position

Once the size of the stakes is getting big, here, you are required to pay attention to what hands you play, depending on your position on the table.

Throw away hands that lie A – J and A – 10 in case of early positions. Here you are required to take care of blinds as you might be out of position.

It can happen in the middle or later. You play a bit like a loser. Here it will give you time to see what others have and find the right time to scoop the pot.

Keep Things In Your Control

When you are playing the cash games, here the job puts pressure on others who are playing against you.

Also, steal blinds when you have the opportunity and make them call you when you have the winning hand.

The best way is to get an understanding of when to raise pre-flop and bet on flop again.

When you start, this might come off as counterintuitive, but it is a beneficial point to remember.

Consider Five And Six-Seater Games

To those who are starting it new, they can learn a lot when they do the short-handed games. They are pretty intense. But here, attitude and position are important as they play a huge part.

There is no doubt that here you are going to need to bankroll much deeper for playing these kinds of competitions and games, and also, they can be challenging.

But you will learn too, and once you have the knack, you can start with the bigger ones.

Choose Your Table Carefully

The most profitable table that you can get where the number of losing players is more. Here you need to think about where the profit will come from or if the players are better or worse than you.

Of course, it will come from worse players, especially to those who are the loser in the game as they are the ideal.

When you are playing cash games, you have the freedom to live the game at any time. So use that smartly when you have the opportunity.

Have Proper Management For Bankroll

When it comes to poker, variance can make you feel sickening. And to accommodate that swing, here, you are required to have the proper bankroll management to ensure that you don’t have to be broke there.

If you are one of the recreational players, then make sure to keep 20 buy-ins at a minimum for the stake you are playing.

If you are professional, keep those buy-ins to 100% of the stake along with living expenses of 6 months.

It’s important to have the bankroll full, so you play the game that has certain chances that players don’t take otherwise. It also gives you assurance of not spending more than needed in game.

Don’t Overdo On Bluff

Suppose you have never bluffed in poker. The player folds against whenever they have aggression significantly. They know when you have the goods, so you are betting or raising.

If you bluff too frequently, players will be able to call it, and weaker value hands get exploited at this tendency.

There is no doubt bluffing is important in poker. But have the understanding of the situation and the right frequency. Also avoid going overboard when you are doing the buff in order to keep it effective.


As you can tell, playing poker is fun, but when real money gets involved and the stakes get higher, it makes the game more interesting.

However, some basic questions that are important to know are: Can we play poker in India?

Yes, you can. It is legal in India, and Pocket 52 offers a safe as well as a secure platform to start your poker game.

Well, playing poker online is simple; there are basic steps from downloading to making a deposit and to starting your game. When you have the basic knowledge covered , it makes it much easier to play your game.

So start playing your poker, and don’t forget that you should keep studying the game to improve your chances of winning the game.


How secure is playing real money poker online?

Real money online poker is secure; sites use encryption technology to keep the transaction between the player and poker site to keep the whole process safe.

What are the basic rules to play online poker with real money?

It’s essential to know the basic rules, i.e., taking it slow, keeping your perspective, and not worrying too much about mistakes. Focus on short-handed games to learn and know the position. When you are betting, it’s better to think twice.

Why is playing online real money poker beneficial?

With the high stakes in the game that makes the whole thing thrilling, you get the option to choose the table. Also, there is a predetermined time to enter or exit. Here you play on whatever terms you have. Even with an amount that is minimal, you can win games. Also, play the game from anywhere and anytime.

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