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Updated: January 22, 2024
Play 3 Card Poker Online

Play 3 Card Poker Online

Playing 3-card poker is fun and easy. Here, you have three cards; the same goes for your dealer. The objective here is to have three cards poker hands that beat the dealer’s cards. Also, here you are the one who makes the first Ante bet.

This also requires you to have an innate gaming skill set and in-depth knowledge. If you are going to play  3 card poker for the first time, it’s essential that you have the correct information and understanding of how you should play this game. And for that, this is what can help you.

What Are The Basic Rules Of Playing 3-Card Poker?

When looking for how to play Poker online for real money, make sure you have clear basics. It includes the rules you should know when you play 3 card poker online real money in India

3 card poker has its own rules for the players that should be followed to win:

  • The poker game requires two hands to play; it includes your and dealers both, along with three cards each.
  • The player places their ante bet with another one depending on their preference.
  • The dealer deals with players’ cards, and players have the right to pursue them.
  • The player can choose if they Fold or raise.
  • In case of player folds,  you instantly forfeit the ante wager.
  • If the player raises, the player must make another bet which should be equal to the initial bet.
  • The dealer’s hand to turn over
  • The hand will qualify to win if a dealer has a queen or higher.
  • If they don’t have qualifying ones, the dealer later wins the money, which is equal to the ante bet.

How Can You Play Using Two Methods In 3 Card Poker?

3 card poker is commonly referred to as a simple and quick game after Poker. Since both have quite similarities in the hand ranking system, but it’s not identical.

Unlike your regular Poker, players try to beat the dealer or get dealt a good hand. The players do not compete with each other.

Here are the methods to understand how to play 3 card poker online.

Make Sure You Know About 3 Card Poker Hand Ranking

The gamble will be on the quality of the hand, so it’s important to understand how you should determine this. If you are familiar with how ordinary poker ranking works, then it is easier as there is only one difference. Here a straight is worth more as compared to a flush, and it’s because flushes are easier to get when you are playing 3 card hands.

Another point to remember is that the table’s ranking goes from highest to lowest.

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Wager On dealer’s beating or Declined To

Before any cards get dealt, each player must decide their Ante bet and whether the hand will be better than the dealer. So if you are playing it at the casino, place the poker chip amount on your wishing bet on the space labeled Ante.

If you are playing at home, you need a way that designates each player’s Ante, Play, Pair Plus, etc., bets without confusion.

Wager On Hand Quality

You can also place a bet on Pair Plus and an Ante bet. However, it can be an option. This gives you a payoff depending on your hand’s quality.

This can happen before the cards get dealt. And the bet is called pair plus since its payout on the hand should have at least a pair or something better.

Dealer Gives Cards To Player And Himself

The next dealer gives each player three cards, including himself. The deck of cards got shuffled and then dealt out, keeping it face down.

Each player has to look at their hand; there is no dealer involvement in doing so.

Decide On Raising The Wager Against Your Dealer

Now you know the quality of your hand, here you have to choose whether you want to play or raise the ante bet or will go with the Fold.

To stand your Ante bet, the players must place the amount of money designated for play. If you choose to fold, your dealer will take the ante bet, and the pliers won’t win the wager.

Revell The Hands

Once you make the Ante bet and decide their move, all hands must put their face up, revealing what three cards you had.

If the players choose folded but did not place a bet on Pair Plus, the dealer will take his cards before the hands face up since the players have no wager left.

Determining The Payout

Any player who chooses to play or raise their ante bet will compare the hand to the dealer and have a chance to win the payout depending on the rules of the casino. The usual rules will be used if you are playing it at home.

Determine The Payout Of Pair Plus

It is separate from the payout of Ante, as each player who bet on Pair Plus gets a reward based on the quality of their hand.

Here the dealer’s hands have no importance. The popular payout system will be used if you play it at home.

Hand  Payout 
Straight Flush 40: 1
Three of a Kind 30: 1
Straight 6:1
Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1
High Card Players lose their bet

Learn About The 3 Card Poker Hand Rankings

Similar to the previous method, you need to know hand ranking and how it works here.

Agree On Rules For Playing 3 Card Poker

Decide if you want an Ace that will only be used as the highest card or choose alternately that can be used as 1 when forming the straight.

To play other additional house rules, the players must agree on them before the game starts.

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Start Dealing With One Card Each Player

You can choose who is going to deal first through mutual or can go random. Here you can deal with the cards by keeping them face down and clockwise. Start with the player who is on the left side of the dealer. Players may look at their cards only.

Play From Dealer’s Left To Place Bet

Start with playing clockwise from that selected player. The players have three options before they make their first bet.

It includes:

  • The first option is Opening the bet. The player chooses the amount of money or items they want to wager, placing it in the center of the table or pot.
  • The second is to Check. The player does not go with betting but is still in their round.
  • The other one is Fold. The player withdraws from their current round and take no action until the next hand gets dealt.

After Called, Deal With Second Card And Repeat

Once the remaining players are called, deal with cards that are face down and start with the dealer’s left player.

Each player must add the new card as they now have 2 cards and keep it secret from others.

The bet will continue and repeat the wagering process until all remaining players have checked or called.

Deal With Last Card

Now the third card is added, repeating the bet, and each player has to choose between either Call, Raise, or Fold. This will happen until the circuit of the table decides to be called. If one player chooses to fold, the winner will be the remaining player.

Revealing the Hand

Now the players lay their cards, keeping them on the table. The player that has the highest hand wins the game. Or if two players have a similar type in hand, whoever has the highest ranked one will win.

If you have a question like, can I play Poker online for real money? Here, you need to purchase virtual chips if it’s online, and they can be used to start the game.

What Are The Rankings Of Hands In 3 Card Poker?

To understand how to play 3 card poker at home or at a casino, the most important thing you should know is hand ranking in 3 Card Poker.

This one is different from traditional poker ranking because here, you have three cards instead of five. The ranking of hands is in highest to lowest order:

Along with these hand ranks, here are some of the points to be noted when you are playing 3 card poker:

  • Here is a straight beat the flush
  • Three of a kind will win the straight
  • Ace will be ranked high except for the ace sequence of 2 – 3.
  • The hand doesn’t have a pair or better. Here, the hand that has the highest rank card will win.
  • When you compare two hands with identical hand ranking, the hand with the highest one will win.

Straight Flush

If the hand has three cards of the same suit in consecutive ranking,  The Ace,  King, and Queen will be the highest ranked in a straight flush, where 4, 3, and 2 will be the lowest.


If a hand contains three cards of ranking in consecutive regardless of their suit. Acem King and queen will be the highest ranked, whereas Ace 2. 3 will be the lowest straight ranked. Here Ace might have a high or low.


If the hand contains three cards with identical suits regardless of rank, The Ace, King, and Jack will be the highest ranked ones, whereas 5, 3, and 2 will be the lowest flush ranked.


If the hand includes two cards with the same rank regardless of their suit, the two aces will be the highest ranked one, and two of 2s will be the lowest.

High Card

A Hand with three cards that make no listed hands above, then Ace, King, and 9 will be highest ranked in high cards. 5, 3, and 2 will be the lowest.


3 card poker is speedy, exciting, and a live table card game. Well, if you might be looking for questions like, can I play online  Poker in Missouri or some other place? Well, you don’t have to go to a casino for this. Pocket 52 offers a platform where you can play your game immediately.

The game is enjoyable and easy, even if you are a newbie. Once you have read all the details, you can start playing and win!


How do you deal with 3 card poker?

To deal with the hands, wait while other ones put their bet. Now start with players on the left, moving clockwise and dealing with each player with 3 cards at once.

What are the odds of winning in 3 card games?

The percentage might depend, such as 44.91% for the player to win, whereas dealers have 55.03% and 0.06% for a tie.

How can you win in 3-card poker?

You can win by using a pair, flush, straight, straight flush, or 3 of a kind. You can choose Ante play and start the move to win the game.

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