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Updated: July 9, 2023

Why Pocket52’s RNG+ Platform is a Cut Above the Rest?

For the First Time in the History of Indian Poker, Pocket52 brings Poker Data out in the Open. Now, YOU have the means to Check and Understand how Pocket52 Ensures an Unadulterated Gaming Experience on its RNG+ Platform

The above image is an analysis of Texas Holdem cash games played at Pocket52 tables. The graph displays the RNG Probability and the Final Result with respect to the difference in deviation for each hand.

E.g: The probability of getting Pocket Aces (AA) is 0.45% and the RNG Probability for the same is 0.47% with a deviation of 0.02%. Since there is very little difference between the RNG Probability and the Final Result, this means that the probability for you to land Pocket Aces is almost the same as the RNG Probability.

This is what makes Pocket52 stand out from everyone else in the Indian Poker Industry.

Pocket52 – India’s first Cryptographically Secure Online Poker RNG+ Platform Uniformly Distributes Unpredictability to Ensure an Unadulterated Gaming Experience

Pocket52 - Online Poker RNG+ Platform

What most Online Poker sites in India won’t tell you is their games are run on third-party software, thereby increasing the vulnerability of their systems and decreasing the chance of Fair Play. Very, very few Online Poker games in India are run on secure, tamper-proof platforms.

What Online Poker players in India need is a tamper-proof gaming experience on a platform that guarantees Fair Play and keeps their information safe. This means a platform so unpredictable and devoid of human interference that it becomes impossible to even for the brightest mind or machine to beat the maze of randomness.

Enter Pocket52’s RNG+, a next-generation random number generator that ensures Algorithmic Randomness & Fair Play for one and all!

Play Online Poker Game In India
Play Online Poker Game In India

Pocket52 has spent a considerable amount of time & resources in creating and perfecting our own product, developed in-house. Pocket52’s RNG+ has been carefully built and internationally certified, an ingenious mix of algorithmic unpredictability and absolute awesomeness. We have made it impossible for anyone, including expert algorithms, to beat our maze of randomness to ensure tamper-proof gaming for everyone!

Our RNG+ algorithm, certified by iTech Labs, is cryptographically secure and uses an entropy pool fed by Lava Lamp hardware to ensure that the cards are unpredictable, non-repeatable, and uniformly distributed.

The Trippy Unpredictability of Lava Lamps – RNG+ Platform

The Lava Lamp is a mechanism that includes a bolus of a wax mixture (which is specially colored) floating inside a glass vessel filled with transparent or semi-transparent liquid. The lamps are placed in a box fitted with an incandescent light bulb. The heat from the bulb gives rise to temporary reductions in the density of the wax and surface tension of the liquid.

Because of this, the wax warms up and rises through the surrounding liquid. It then cools down and starts to lose its buoyancy. Once done, the wax falls back to the bottom only to be heated again by the heated bulb. The cycle continues in an endless loop.

Pocket52 has ensured that the flow of wax is totally random and devoid of human interference. This makes it impossible even for the brightest mind or machine to beat our maze of randomness.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to beat our maze of randomness. Our encryption cannot be doctored, altered, changed, adjusted, or interfered with and makes Pocket52 India’s first Cryptographically Secure online Poker RNG+ platform! Now, you can play poker online in India without any worries; our RNG+ encryption has you covered! Fair Play is guaranteed.

It’s hopeless, fruitless & pointless to try and guess OUR deck of cards!

Play #BinaDare @Pocket52, India’s first Cryptographically Secure Online Poker RNG+ Platform.

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