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Updated: September 6, 2023
Poker equipment guide

A guide to using poker Tools

If you are planning to take a big leap in the poker game, and intend to make yourself a poker pro, then it is a must to know about using poker tools or poker equipment. The poker software and poker tools are useful when you play online or live poker games. The aim of using poker card equipment is to elevate your game and take it to the next level. They can help maximize the chances of your winnings and fetch you higher stakes in the game.

In this blog, we will know all about poker tools, why they are important, the types of poker tools available, and more. So, here we start.

What is poker equipment/tools?

Poker equipment or poker tools are a range of different software or web apps that help the players to conduct a statistical analysis of their hands. The same is often used at the time playing poker games or tournaments.

There are many different types of poker tools and software that are being used by many poker players. Though they are not like magic wands, they can definitely play an important role in driving you toward the right path. Not only help you to conquer the game and add tons of profitability, but they also make your playing experience smoother and better.

Why are poker tools important?

Due to the advent of the internet and online gaming platforms, poker has become a more popular and competitive game. Not just the advanced players but even the beginners try to implement poker strategies to maximize their winning chances. They try to adjust their game on a real-time basis, as per the game played by the opponent on the table. To facilitate the same, there is poker equipment that helps the players make easy and effective decisions.

These poker tools are handy when the player wishes to understand the dynamics of the game, how to play the game efficiently, observe the behavior of different players in the game, remove confusion about continuing to flush draw, etc. There are many types of common scenarios in the game, and poker tools offer great help.

Since poker is a tricky game, it has become important for the players to resort to external help that can assist them at every step. Right from observing your opponents to reviewing your performance in the game, from making efficacious decisions according to the current gameplay to calculating your odds of winning, poker tools are for the best experience!

Types of poker tools/equipment

Now that you know why poker tools are important, you might also want to become aware of the best poker tools available online. There are various tools used in a poker game. Many advanced players use a variety of tools while playing the game.

While some poker tools help you know the core of the game and provide you with a clear understanding of playing the game correctly, some suggest the right poker strategy. It may get confusing for you to determine the best one for you. This is why we list some of the most renowned and most used poker tools available for you.

So, looking forward to improving your game? These tools will give you all the guidance you will ever need in the game.

Odds Calculator

Does it please you to know that whenever you play poker online, you will get to know what are your odds of winning the game? This tool helps you know exactly that. Many players are disappointed when they end up discarding a strong hand as the opponent was bluffing. To beat this, use an online poker odds calculator tool.

The poker tools odds are the best for determining your chances of winning the hand in the poker game. This poker tool is also extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to install the software on your device and start using the same when you play poker online. Using the odds calculator will give you an edge over your competitors at the poker table.

The poker software keeps functioning silently when you play the game. Punch in the details in the tool such as the cards that you have, the open cards that your opponents have, and more. The tool will instantly calculate the chances of your winning. Accordingly, you can make the best decision and turn things in your favor. The tool uses statistical analysis to find out the possible outcomes as per the cards holding on the table and the remaining cards in the flop.

The information you get from the poker tools free can provide you with significant details and advantages in the game. This software is widely available online and you can use it for free.

Poker Tracker

Poker Tracker is a popular poker tool that has been fulfilling the responsibility of helping several poker players since 2001. Still, this poker tool continues to be the top poker equipment for players. The best part about this poker tool is its reliability and ease of use. You just need to input your playing history. You can use the same while playing the games with any online poker site. It will instantly offer you the best results. This poker tool can certainly become your strength in the game and mean a great improvement.

It also offers a HUD or Head-up Display engine. Due to this, you get tracked information in real-time while playing the game at the table. It provides useful information not just for yourself but also for the opponents in the poker game.

Hold’em Manager

Another popular poker tool that must be considered is the Hold’em Manager. This tool helps you with detailed information on your poker history. It also helps you gain information on previous opponents using the saved poker histories. Hold’em Manager is adjudged similar to the PokerTracker poker tool. Just like the latter, Hold’em Manager can be used to get a sea of information on poker history. The best part of the program is that it does not only provide you with the numbers after the session is over but also when you are at the table playing the game. There is a customizable HUD too that exhibits percentages under other players of the game as per their betting behavior on the street.

If you are a poker beginner, it may take some time to get used to using the Hold’em Manager and interpreting them. But due to the plethora of benefits, you must consider learning the same.


The solvers such as PioSolver, GTO+, Simple Postflop, Monker Solver, etc. offer a range of benefits.  If you are a poker beginner and want to learn more about the Game Theory Optimal or GTO poker strategy, then using solvers makes sense. The first solver which is called the PioSolver is the most used solver to date. It came back in 2015 and it has drastically changed the basic understanding of the poker strategy.

Solvers help the user with Nash equilibrium strategies or solutions as per the variables or user inputs. The inputs can be preflop ranges, pot size, stack size, bet size in the different rounds of the poker game such as flop, turn and river, raise size in the different rounds of the game, etc. A solver offers several simulations, and different strategies, considering that the player is aware of another player’s strategy.

With solver, you can expect good amounts of calculations, perfect strategies against any player, and a Nodelock function. The nodelock function offers the user a chance to freeze a strategy at a point in the game. The solver calculates again the most suitable response to a particular strategy. The node lock feature is useful in knowing how to adjust as per that player’s weakness. It may seem like a solver will provide you with an invincible strategy, which is the dream of many players. But the solutions at times are challenging to follow as you will often find yourself in the hyper-mixing of decisions. Still, if you want insight into the most profitable strategies to handle different situations in the game, you can rely on the solver’s solutions and spot trends. Use it to devise a strong fundamental strategy in the case of flop situations.

Wrapping up

Poker in India has become a huge part of the gaming industry in the last few years. With an increasing number of players worldwide, the game may appear a bit confusing to many. When real money is at stake, all the players intend to make the most of it by improving their game and augmenting the chances of winning. What can be better than poker tools for the poker sharks out there? With the help of some poker tools for android, it will be possible for you to revolutionize your game, transform your fortune, and win tons of games. Using online poker tools is also legal. You are free to use the same and make a significant addition to your poker strategy.

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