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Updated: April 12, 2024
spin and go poker

What is Spin and Go Poker?

Since the advent of Spin & Go’s in October 2014, players have been attracted by the attraction of winning a life-changing sum of money. Sure, it’s more difficult to get the big one, but with a well-honed poker strategy and some practice in this particular format, you may still turn a tidy profit.

As in any other kind of poker, variance has a large role in the amount of money you win or lose. As a result, adopting a plan helps you fully use your advantage over your opponents.

Learn more about Spin & Gos in this blog and how to win at them if you’re interested in learning more about how the games function.

What is Spin and Go Poker? 

A spin and go is a fast-paced form of a “sit and go” poker tournament that has no defined start timings, merely needing participants to register for the event to begin.

Most Spin and Go tournaments contain “lottery” prize pools of three players, which have become a popular choice for online poker enthusiasts. So-called “Lottery Sit and Go’s” have been referred to.

In July 2013, the format was renamed Expresso on Winamax. Similar poker games quickly appeared on other platforms, such as Twister on the iPoker network, Jackpot on Full Tilt, Twister Poker on TitanPoker, and the Spin & Go games on PokerStars.

An outstanding illustration of the kind of new games that may be implemented in an internet setting is Spin and Go. Depending on the operator’s location, the ability to play live poker may be constrained not only by the space available but also by the rules governing the game itself.

The “lottery” element of the game is introduced as soon as enough players have purchased the game for it to begin. It will begin shortly after that.

Rather than determining the prize pool based on buy-ins, with Spin and Go’s, the rewards are random.

Spin and Go tournaments are often “winner-take-all” events, with rewards ranging from double the buy-in to even 1,000 or 10,000 times the buy-in. (Deal-making is typically not permitted.).”

Because of the possibility of experiencing an “overlay” in the event, this element of chance offers some intrigue for new players.

An important aspect of the Spin and Go poker game is the “turbo” structure.

Most levels run three minutes, and players begin with 500-chip starting stacks. As the blinds and antes rise, the event ends almost immediately after it begins.

Sometimes, the “reward pool multiplier” affects the duration of a level in a game. For example, on PokerStars, the levels last two minutes if the prize pool is 2x the buy-in. Three minutes for 3-5x the buy-in, four for 10-25x, and five for 120+.

How to Play Spin and Go Tournaments?

Most websites provide accelerated Spin and Go games, such as Winamax’s Expresso Nitro and PokerStars’ Spin & Go Flash.

Players in both games begin with 300 chips, and levels last one minute, like in hyper turbos. Because they are over so quickly, they are known as spin-and-go flash tournaments. On most poker sites, you register for these tournaments in the same way that you do for any other poker tournament.

  • Find the tab or area ( in a casino)where the Spin and Go’s are
  • Select it
  • Choose your buy-in and the number of concurrent tournaments you want to play, and then click the ‘Play’ button to get started! 

A random lottery will determine the tournament prize pool once three players have signed up. Once the spinner in the middle of the table reveals the prize pool to all participants, play will begin.

Basic Spin and Go strategy

Although Spin & Go’s are a relatively new poker format, having some experience playing short-handed cash games or shorthanded in the final stages of tournaments will put you in excellent stead for this specific format.

Having a strategy in place can help you perform at your best when many of your opponents are trying Spin & Go’s for the first time and have 25bb to work with.

Despite your small starting stack, you should be able to gain an advantage over your opponents by paying attention to the tips listed below.

1. Getting a Stack Started Early

Inexperienced players sometimes make the error of waiting for a strong poker hands and not taking the initiative in the first few levels of the tournament.

Remember that you only have 25bb, and with the 3-minute blind levels, you may only have a few large blinds left in your stack after you get a solid hand.

This does not imply that you should increase your range to 100 percent, but controlled aggression is preferable, particularly from the button and small blind.

It’s critical to gather as much information as in the early stages of the game, such as: Are players not protecting the blinds correctly? Your button raises are all getting through.

Have you noticed that your opponents are playing quietly and not engaging you? Do your opponents appear to be a weaker opposition? Your opening/shoving ranges can be adjusted based on how aggressive your opponents are once you get a sense of them.

2. Shoving (Small Blind)

In this style, calling an open raise becomes much less advantageous because of the small stacks. There is only a 25bb effective range in the first level, and you should only be able to call from the big blind at that point.

Calling raises from the small-blind puts you out of position every time, making it difficult to realize the full value of your hand after the flip. As a result, your 3-bet jamming range expands to include a wider variety of hands than if you were to call.

If the opponent opens the button, this range can be changed. You can modify the range based on the player’s tightness, and the same goes for aggressive players.

Even if you’re short-stacked, you can use this range against the huge blind because you’ve already put in 1bb, but you’ll almost always receive the right price to call with the majority of your range.

3. Raise Sizing

In Spin & Go tournaments, it’s critical always to keep an eye on your stack. Minimizing your bet when opening from the button means you have nothing invested in the pot. Therefore risking the smallest amount of your stack is significantly more advantageous.

As for the small blind, since you already have half of the big blind committed, you have more incentive to fight for the pot and take down the hand. In this situation, it is acceptable to raise your size to 2.5x because you are raising fold equity and decreasing the BB’s incentives to call.

Making the error of min-raising from this situation gives your opponent a high price to call, giving them an advantage when playing in position.

Because your height decreases, you’ll be able to open the shovel from the small blind more frequently, and the raised size won’t be an issue.

4. Bandwidths for Button and Small Blind Jamming

Playing a push or fold approach with less than 11bb is a common strategy in Spin & Gos after the first few hands. If you don’t have enough chips to play post-flop poker, 3-betting or folding becomes less appealing.

The following charts will give you an idea of what your +EV jamming range should look like if you’re struggling to establish it from these spots. Table “11bb button range” shows this.

Adding a few extra hands to your jamming range when your stacks are less than 11bb is an excellent method to build your range and get some expertise by employing a defined strategy. See “11bb tiny blind range” in the table.


These games are perfect for people who have a few minutes to play poker or for those who want fast-paced games in which the results arrive rapidly. In contrast to other new online formats, Spin and Go’s have proven to be popular with casual and professional poker players. Play online poker at Poker52 today!


Is spin and go profitable?

No matter how hard you try, you can beat Spin and Go. Using tracking software or a tracker like Sharkscope, you may see your ROI (Return on Investment) percentage without considering Rakeback. The exact ROI percentages attained by players that perform very well are shown below. In a few thousand games, you should get at least a 4% success rate.

1. 15$ Limit: 10% – 11.6%
2. 30$ Limit: 6.8% – 7.5%
3. 60$ Limit: 6.5% – 12%
4. 100$ Limit: 5.5 – 7%

How many buy-ins for a spin and go?

If you want to participate in these tournaments, you’ll need a hefty poker bankroll of at least $200 buy-ins. Because the game is so volatile, you must play your best even in the smallest multipliers.

How do you spin and go poker?

Stack size and blind level factor into the optimal Spin and Go strategy. Starting aggressively and attempting to rake in as many chips as possible is often recommended by experienced poker players. A ‘push-fold’ tactic can be useful at certain points in the game.

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