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Updated: April 15, 2024
Top Female Poker Players

Best Female Poker Players of All Time

Women have played little role playing professional poker more so in the high stakes scenario. However, for these rare remarkable women who broke the barrier and wrote an unforgeable page in poker history. Did you know that there is now a 22 percent increase in female poker players? In essence, this article will discuss the best female poker players ever by profiling their exceptional careers, achievements in the industry, and impacts on poker. A list of female poker players is given below.

List of the Best Female Professional Poker Players

1. Vanessa Selbst: The Poker Prodigy

One of the great female poker players, Vanessa Selbst is generally known as one of the best poker players. Her unrivalled skills, burning zeal for success, and tactical acumen have seen her become an intimidating force to reckon with on poker tables across the globe. In 2008, Selbst emerged as the winner of the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event capturing both a significant cash prize and the first major tournament trophy for herself.

In 2012, Vanessa Selbst’s long journey toward winning her first WSOP bracelet finally materialised. Selbst has an excellent mastery of poker strategy mixed with reading her competitors and adjusting to in-game trends. Her aggressive nature towards the game has resulted in many opponents trapped in awkward situations.

She is an active female poker player’s voice for poker equality, promoting various clubs for ladies. Vanessa Selbst announced in January 2018 her retirement from professional poker. Her main reasons revolved around personal and professional factors that prompted her departure from the sport. However, Selbsts’ legacies continue as the poker player inspires aspiring female poker players to pursue their dreams even after leaving the poker scene.

2. Liv Boeree: The Mind Sports Champion

She has an analytical mind and not only studies the game strategies while playing the game, but she also adopts a strategic approach with her gameplay on the board to outsmart the opposition. She is a former model turned poker superstar. The transition of Boeree into a professional female poker player is an indication that she is quite flexible.

She was so in love with poker that it led her from the poker room straight into the big tournament centre. For the second best female poker player, the milestone moment for Boeree came in 2010 when she won the EPT Sanremo Main Event. This success increased her fame. She maintained her dominance in the sector through remarkable deep runs at the WSOP, and PCA among other major events.

Liv Boeree has promoted effective altruism. She has also donated her poker winnings to several charities. She is one of the founders of REG, a nonprofit organisation that aims to promote charitable giving among poker players.

3. Annie Duke: The Master of Mind Games

Annie Duke is among the most celebrated personalities who play poker for a living on the list of female poker players. She is renowned for being able to integrate game theory into real poker competitions. Duke’s success in the poker circles has been evident through a long chain of tournament wins, as well as deep cashes in huge buy-in events.

Her first WSOP bracelet arrived in 2004 in the $2,000 Omaha Hi-Low split event. She also won in many WSOP events. Nonetheless, Duke’s greatest milestone was the win she made at the 2004 Tournament of Champions also known as WSOP TOC, one of the greatest competition of poker tournaments that showed her cleverness and cunningness.

Annie Duke has made a name not only in poker skills but also in promoting poker. Her many books about poker play psychology and strategy have provided future hopefuls with knowledge. Her skills in decision-making and playing poker as a game with skill have set her apart in the world of poker. She used game theory as a basis to help construct poker strategy, making her contribution towards developing the understanding of the game.

4. Kathy Liebert: The Silent Assassin

It was not until 2002 that Liebert broke into this male-dominated club when she came out tops in the World Poker Tour championship and became the first female winner of any WPT tourney. This victory has been viewed as a major step towards achieving world success by Liebert.

She has impressed a lot of people with an array of cashes in the WSOP events as well as several deep runs in major tournaments. Liebert’s playing style has an element of planned aggression, as she usually manages to deceive her rivals easily. Many women have also sought to emulate her success to pursue professional poker careers as well. She has also been a charitable personality helping children’s welfare and education organisations.

5. Annette Obrestad: The Online Prodigy

Another nickname for the best poker player of all time in an online poker tournament is “online prodigy”, and it was attributed to Annette Obrestad, a player from Norway. Obredat’s greatest achievement is winning the 2007 WSOP Europe main event at the age of eighteen years. This victory saw her as the first to have won a WSOP bracelet at below 21 years old.

Though she performs well during the live matches, it was when she was named Annette_15 that she earned a good name amongst the other players.

It is believed that the tale of Obrestad’s quick ascendancy in poker is a source of inspiration for many budding young players who are aware of the fact that age does not necessarily imply experience. Poker has become much more famous because of her achievements, not only in Norway but also across the world.

6. Maria Ho: The Rising Star

Maria Ho’s name is well-known around the poker world for her outstanding achievements as a poker commentator and show host.

This is apparent from Ho’s deep run into the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Her second place in two WSOP tournaments is seen as a close brush to obtain her maiden bracelet.

Adaptability coupled with accurate reading about her opponents has been a hallmark of Maria Ho’s playing style. Her career as a commentator has broadened her understanding and has led to distinct views of the sport.
Many people in the poker world respect Maria Ho for being both a successful player and a well-known commentator. Her commentaries have provided dimensions and background to the viewing of poker by making it easy for people to understand the dynamics of the game.

7. Victoria Coren Mitchell: The Multi-Talented Maven

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a talented individual whose success crosses over between playing poker and writing.

In 2006 Mitchell was the first double winner of the EPT main event. She played a major role in proving that she was a good player with great poker skills and tactical sense.

Moreover, her success goes way beyond the poker table. Her book and contributions to other publications help in understanding and appreciating poker among other players.

Victoria’s eloquence and victories contributed greatly to the spreading of the poker culture. She has concentrated on the campaign of promoting responsible betting as well as including women in the poker game.

8. Jennifer Harman: The Cash Game Queen

Cash playing and high-stakes poker, for instance, were among the games with which Jennifer was familiar.

The game of cash, which has always characterised Harman’s poker career, is excellent. Moreover, she has proved her worth even when it comes to playing a couple of serious WSOP events, which makes her one of the top female poker players of all time. Her skills in the cash games made her known as ‘the cash game queen’.

Philanthropy is a part of Jennifer Harman’s contribution to the poker community. She organised a charity poker tournament which has raised money for cancer research as well as other worthwhile projects.

9. Vanessa Rousso: Poker Prodigy with a legal edge

Lady Maverick, or rather Vanessa Rosso, is an established poker professional known as one of the few players who is both a lawyer and poker expert.

It was not until Rousso made it deeper than place seven in the WSOP Main Event in 2006 that her poker career began catching fire. She managed to move on to the poker scene as an unbeatable force with her great performance.

In the last few years, she holds the record for many final tables and cashes in diverse major tournaments, demonstrating her great understanding and versatility in the various poker variations. Rousso’s experience as a lawyer adds extra leverage to her poker strategy and makes it more powerful.

With the combination of legal expertise and skills in poker, Vanessa Rousso has successfully proved herself to be an integral part of the poker domain. Additionally, she has always advocated for responsible gambling and ensured it is included among the top priorities of the WSOP Tour as well as pushing for women’s participation in the field of Poker.

10. Joanne Jishung Liu: The Queen of Hearts

JJ Liu also goes by JJ, and she is one of the oldest players who has tremendously performed during the game.

She is most famed for her poker career involving large buy-in tournaments. She was also highly successful at the WSP, winning several events and collecting big sums of money. She has a reputation for toughness and quick decision-making when there are no time-outs.

The WPT wins also showcase her high levels of success. She was skillful, adjustable, and tough for doing well for several years.

One worthy example of such an achievement is that of the poker journey by Joanne JJ Liu. She continued playing poker, proving that talent and skill do not go into oblivion but remain alive with her tenacity and remaining in advance.

Top Women in Poker: Honourable Mentions

Although we emphasise the ten best female poker players, you should know that the universe for experienced poker is packed with gifted women. Here are a few honourable mentions:

Jennifer Tilly: The Actress and Poker Pro

Jennifer Tilly who is famous for playing movies and television series has also received the acclaim of the poker society. In 2005 she won a WSOP bracelet for ladies no-limit Texas Hold ’em, and is one of the most respected and recognized women in poker nowadays.

Loni Harwood: The Rising Star

Likewise, Loni Harwood is an upcoming star in professional poker. With numerous tournament wins and quarter-final appearances at premier tournaments, she demonstrates that she is one of the best female poker players of all time.

Kristen Bicknell: The Online Sensation

Kristien Bicknell is a Canadian pro player who has succeeded both in online and live tournaments. She has won several WSOP bracelets and she has been playing quality poker as of late.

The females that missed out on the final cut, these honourable mentions show how wide the talent pool is in the female poker players community.


1. Who is arguably one of the best female poker players in history?

To decide who is the best female poker player of all time might seem rather subjective when you consider that many women have achieved greatness in very specific areas of the game. The title “best” can vary and may be based on wins in tournaments, income generated, or general playing skills.

2. What is the name of the wealthiest female poker player of all time?

One notable wealthy top female poker player of all time is Vanessa Selbst who has earned millions in tournaments totaling over $11 million.

3. Has a woman ever won a World Series of Poker event?

Women such as Annette Obrestad, Vanessa Selbst, Jennifer Harman, and others have secured WSOP bracelets, demonstrating their prowess in the game.

4. How many best female poker players are there?

Women’s participation in poker has increased, both in tournaments and in the online poker community, reflecting the game’s evolving demographics.

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