The cash game is the basic format of poker gaming. They are the kind of games which people are playing in every clubhouse and casual party site. You can play Texas Holdem Poker or Pot Limit Omaha in cash game.

Let’s get acquainted with the basics of the poker cash game.

Cash games are also called live action games. They are a very stimulating format of the game of poker.
In a cash game, people deal in ‘real’ chips and are playing with their money at stake.
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The live action games or cash games or ring games are played with fixed variable like-
  • Buy-in
  • Table stakes
  • Blinds.
Buy-in is the amount, with which people sit on the table to play poker game. This essentially decides the size of the stakes and blinds on the table.
Players are usually prohibited to go south i.e. cash out in the middle of a hand or during their time on the table. Unless they mean to quit the table for good.
However, anyone can buy in and cash out from the table any time they wish to. (Once a hand is complete). In some games, a player who cashes out is not allowed to buy-in again until a certain time period has lapsed.

About the stakes 

Stakes of the table are the range of amount players can sit to play with. Every table has a fixed stake. Players can only sit with an amount within that decided range. They can neither put in money on the table or put out money during a running hand.
If a player can put in all the money in the pot, they can buy in if the game pattern allows them to.

Now the blinds 

Blinds are the third fixed variable in a cash game. They are a set of forced bets. Usually, there are two bets. The big blind and the small blind. Their size of the big blind is decided by the size of the stakes of the table. For eg. on a table with a 50/100 stake, the blinds would be around 0.5/1 in currency. The small blind is set to be half the size of the big blind to be posted on the table. Easy math!
Poker Cash games or ring games may also be called as ring games, however, Doyel Brunson in his book super system, he mentions ring games as those where the tables are full at all time unlike in cash games where the table could be short-handed.
We assume by now one side of the story is lucid, this will tend to become clearer when we put the cash game a.k.a. live action in contrast with the tournaments fondly called as tournys.


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