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Updated: January 22, 2024
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What is bet, check, fold, and call in poker?

Are you new to poker games and feeling daunted by the terms such as bet, call, check, fold, etc? Well, it is usual for beginners to be worried and nervous considering the host of rules in the poker game. There is a lot to learn in the poker game. The players who want to play poker like a pro need to understand all the basic rules of the game such as how to play poker, the objective of the game, variants of poker you can play, poker rounds, poker hand rankings, blind and buy-in, ante, poker game limits and formats, and lastly, poker actions.

Poker Actions

Now is the time to go into the real action in the game. These actions in the game help you make some smart moves, just like a professional poker player.

When you know the fundamental poker rules such as poker hand rankings, rounds of poker, how to play the poker game, etc., it is time for you to know about the poker actions or poker moves that you can use while playing poker. If you have recently developed your taste and inclination towards poker games, then you need to know about placing a bet, calling a bet, raising and re-raising, checking, and discarding the cards.

Bet, check, fold, call, and more are the possible actions you can take in the game. These are some of the actions that you can resort to, in different betting rounds while making poker hands on the table. You might have heard the people around you talking about these names, and by now you would have known that these terms carry a lot of importance, isnā€™t it? You do not need to bother anymore because here, you will get to know one of the most important parts of poker ā€“ all the poker actions.

Poker Actions: ImportanceĀ 

It is vital for you to know the actions you can take in the game while playing the same. To go ahead in the game, you need to determine your game plan. The beginner players as well as the veteran players take these actions in the poker game. The action they decide in the game has a direct impact on the profits they make and their chances of winning the game. Poker actions are considered a considerably crucial part of poker strategy.

If you are a beginner player who has not played many poker games in the past, then know about these poker actions to advance your game. Other than knowing the types of actions, you also need to understand what are the factors that become the basis of these poker actions.

As mentioned earlier, poker actions impact the pot size. The players who are used to bluffing in the game to trick their opponents may keep putting more and more amounts in the pot. While the latter may end the game or continue playing to match their hand. It is also possible that a veteran poker player who got weak hands ends up playing aggressively and making the opponents fold. The poker actions need to be chosen mindfully.

Poker actions impact not just your form on the table, position, and pot size, but depend on several other factors. The action you take on the table exhibits your game style and poker strategy. The players who have strong hands take different actions than those who have weak hands. The poker actions are determined by the strength of your cards.

What are the different Poker Actions?Ā 

While you are looking for information on how to play poker, it also makes sense to explore more about poker actions and how to use them well. These are the different actions you can take when you play online poker. Knowing all the poker actions will help you understand the basics of the game. Avid poker players know the significance of poker actions and they also use the same effect to get the edge in the game. If you are yet to know these, then take out some time and start learning about the poker actions, types of different poker actions, and when and how to use them in the game.


This is the time when you decide to make the game and keep it in the pot. So, in other words, betting action in poker conveys that it is an initial amount of money in the pot when the poker hand has started. This action is intended to stimulate the players to play the game.

If you are thinking what is the minimum betting amount, then you must know that the same is pre-decided in poker games as a consensus. As per the decided amount, every player is expected to place the same amount of minimum bet value to play the game. If a player does not have the chips or the amount to play the bet, then the player has no other option but to fold their cards in the game.


Call in pokerĀ is an action when a player bets in a street and matches the game. This action indicates that the player does not want to increase the amount. So, when you want to call the bet, then you need to pay the exact amount of the bet which was already paid by the previous players in the game. These were the players that placed the bests before the bait came on you on the table. This bet is sometimes necessary to continue playing the game. If you do not have a sufficient amount of money to call or have chips to match the bet, you cannot do anything but fold your cards for that round.


The players can also fold their hands if they feel that they donā€™t have good cards. When they decide that they do not want to contribute to the pot, they can discard or fold their cards. Sometimes, the player feels humiliated folding the weak cards, but this is not right. Folding at times when you donā€™t have good cards is wise. It helps you save your money while you wait for better hands.

Fold in pokerĀ would mean that you are not participating any further in the game. You discard your cards for that hand and lose your chance of claiming the pot money.


Check in pokerĀ is another important action in the game. When there are no bets in the round before you play, you can check and intend that the person to your left needs to make an action because you are not. One of the safest types of actions is an action that means you want to skip your turn. Checking is also known as check-in poker. It is a poker action in which the player is free to choose not to put anything in the pot and just pass the turn. This action can only be taken when the players before him/her have not placed any bets in the round.


Talking about poker actions, we must also know about raises. The players in the game can raise the bet amount by adding more to the pot. Raise or raising in poker is usually done when you have very strong cards and you want to increase the stakes in the game. You can consider going for this action and increasing the value of the bet. Add some amount to the already placed bet. When you choose this poker action, the following players can call, fold or re-raise.


Re-raise is an action when your bet was raised by a player. You need to add some more chips to the raised value and re-raise. Re-Raise or re-raising in poker is the poker action that is usually done when the player is playing aggressively due to the strong card he holds. A player chooses to increase the amount of the already raised bet by re-raising a particular hand.

You can choose one of the types of poker actions in the game, as per your poker cards. The players who have strong hands play aggressively and choose their actions accordingly to increase the pot size. The players who get weak hands will play passively and usually, fold in one of the rounds.

Wrapping up

Learning how to take the correct poker action must be a vital part of your game strategy. It will boost your chances of winning the game. Choosing the right poker action directly translates to making your game better. As per the changing game scenario, it is crucial to keep changing your poker actions and win the game.

When you play poker, it is essential to play strategically and have ultimate knowledge of poker actions and betting sequences. Know that you know about poker actions, and get familiar with the betting sequences too such as Bet-Call, Check-Fold, Bet-Raise, Check-Raise, and more. This will take your game to the next level and augment your chances to win.

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